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whom have blood red banners, are foremost of the Rathas.  Kasika, and Sukumara, and Nila, and that other one, viz., Suryadatta, and Sankha, otherwise called Madiraswa, are all in my judgment, the foremost of Rathas.  Possessed of every qualification that renders them fit for battle, they are acquainted with all weapons, and all of them are endued with high souls.  Vardhakshemi, O king, is in my judgment, a Maharatha.  King Chitrayudha is, in my judgment, one of the best of Rathas.  He is, besides, an asset in battle and devotedly attached to the diadem-decked (Arjuna).  Those mighty car-warriors, those tigers among men, Chekitana, and Satyadhriti, are two of the best Rathas of the Pandavas in my judgment.  Vyaghradatta, O monarch, and Chandrasena also, O Bharata, are without doubt two of the best Rathas, as I think, of the Pandavas.  Senavindu, O king, otherwise called Krodhahantri by name, who, O lord, is regarded as equal of Vasudeva and of Bhimasena, will contend with great prowess in battle against your warriors.  Indeed, that best of kings, ever boasting of his feats in battle, should be regarded by thee, precisely as myself, Drona and Kripa are regarded by thee!  That best of men, worthy of praise, viz., Kasya, is endued with great lightness of hand in the use of weapons.  Indeed, that subjugator of hostile cities is known to me as equal to one Ratha.  Drupada’s son, Satyajit, young in years and displaying great prowess in battle, should be regarded as equal to eight Rathas.  Indeed being Dhrishtadyumna’s equal, he is an Atiratha.  Desirous of spreading the fame of the Pandavas, he will achieve great feats.  Devoted to the Pandavas and endued with great bravery, there is another great Ratha of the Pandavas, viz., king Pandya, that bowman of mighty energy.  The mighty bowman Dhridadhanwan is another Maharatha of the Pandavas.  O subjugator of hostile cities, that foremost of Kurus, viz., Srenimat and king Vasudeva are both, in my judgment, Atirathas.’”


“Bhishma said, ’O great king, Rochamana is another Maharatha of the Pandavas.  He will, O Bharata, contend in battle against hostile warriors, like a second god.  That subjugator of foes, the mighty bowman Kuntibhoja of great strength, the maternal uncle of Bhimasena, is, in my judgment, an Atiratha.  This mighty and heroic bowman is well-versed and highly skilled in fight.  Acquainted with all modes of warfare, this bull among car-warriors is regarded by me as exceedingly competent.  Displaying his prowess he will fight, like a second Indra against the Danavas.  Those celebrated soldiers that he owns are all accomplished in fight.  Stationed on the side of the Pandavas and devoted to what is agreeable and beneficial to them, that hero will, for the sake of his sister’s sons achieve extra-ordinary feats.  That prince of Rakshasas (Ghatotkacha), O king, born of Bhima and Hidimva, and endued with ample powers of illusion, is, in my judgment, a leader of the leaders of car-divisions.  Fond of battle, and endued with powers of illusion, he will, O sire, fight earnestly in battle.  Those heroic Rakshasas who are his counsellors or dependents will also fight under him.

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