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of Trigarta are, in my judgment, all foremost of Rathas.  The sons of Pritha provoked hostilities with them at Virata’s city on that (well-known) occasion.  Like huge Makaras, O king, agitating the stream of the Ganges crested with high waves, they will agitate the ranks of the Parthas in battle.  All the five, O king, are Rathas, having Satyaratha (amongst them) as their first.  Remembering the wrongs inflicted on them of old by that son of Pandu who is Bhima’s younger brother, when the latter, O Bharata, on his car drawn by white steeds, was engaged, O monarch, in subjugating all the kings of the earth, they will certainly exert themselves bravely in battle.  Encountering many Maharathas—­chief of bowmen—­leaders of Kshatriyas—­on the side of the Parthas, they will certainly slay them.  Thy son Lakshmana and the son also of Dussasana—­those tigers among men are both unretreating in battle.  In prime of youth, of delicate limbs, endued with great activity, those two princes, well-versed with battles and capable of leading all, those tigers among Kurus, those car-warriors, are, I think, two of our best Rathas.  Devoted to the duties of the Kshatriya order, those two heroes will achieve great feats.  Dandadhara, O monarch, is, O bull among men, equal to a single Ratha.  Guarded by his own soldiers, he will fight in battle for thee.  Endued with great impetus and prowess, king Vrihadvala, the ruler of the Kosalas, is, in my judgment, O sire, equal to one Ratha.  Fierce in arms, this mighty bowman, devoted to the good of the Dhartarashtras, will exert himself powerfully in battle, gladdening his own friends.  Kripa, the son of Saradwat is, O king, a leader of leaders of car-ranks.  Reckless even of life which is so dear, he will consume thy foes.  Born among a clump of heath as the son of that great sage, viz., the preceptor Gautama, otherwise called Saradwat, he is invincible like Kartikeya himself.  Consuming untold warriors armed with various weapons and bows, he will, O sire, roam forth on the field of battle like a blazing fire.’”


“Bhishma said, ’This thy maternal uncle Sakuni is, O king, equal to a single Ratha.  Having caused the (present) hostilities (to break out) with the sons of Pandu, he will fight.  There is no doubt in this.  His troops are irresistible when rushing to battle.  Armed with various kinds of weapons in abundance, in speed, they are equal to the very wind.  The mighty bowman (Aswatthaman) who is Drona’s son surpasseth all bowmen.  Acquainted with all modes of warfare, and of unbaffled weapons, he is a Maharatha.  Like the wielder of Gandiva, the shafts of this warrior, shot from his bow, proceed in a continuous line, touching one another.  If he wishes it, this Maharatha is capable of consuming the three worlds.  Engaged in austerities in his hermitage, he hath, by these, increased both his fury and energy.  Possessed of great intelligence, he

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