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to thee.  The foremost of all wielders of weapons, Bhoja (chief) Kritavarman is Atiratha.  Without doubt, he will accomplish thy purpose in battle.  Incapable of being humiliated by persons accomplished in arms, shooting or hurling his weapons to a great distance, and a severe smiter, he will destroy the ranks of the foe, as the great Indra destroying the Danavas.  The ruler of the Madras, the mighty bowman Salya, is, as I think, an Atiratha.  That warrior boasteth himself as Vasudeva’s equal, in every battle (that he fighteth).  Having abandoned his own sister’s sons, that best of kings, Salya, hath become thine.  He will encounter in battle the Maharathas of the Pandava party, flooding the enemy with his arrows resembling the very surges of the sea.  The mighty bowman Bhurisravas, the son of Somadatta, who is accomplished in arms and is one of thy well-meaning friends, is a leader of leaders of car-divisions.  He will, certainly, make a great havoc among the combatants of thy enemies.  The king of the Sindhus, O monarch, is in my judgment, equal to two Rathas.  That best of car-warriors will fight in battle, displaying great prowess.  Humiliated, O king, by the Pandavas on the occasion of his, abducting Draupadi, and bearing that humiliation in mind, that slayer of hostile heroes will fight (for thee).  Having practised after that, O king, the severest austerities, he obtained a boon, highly difficult of acquisition, for encountering the Pandavas in battle.  That tiger among car-warriors, therefore, remembering his old hostility, will, O sire, fight with the Pandavas in battle, reckless of his very life which is so difficult to lay down.’”


“Bhishma said, ’Sudhakshina, the ruler of the Kamvojas, is in my judgment, equal to a single Ratha.  Desiring the success of thy object, he will certainly fight with the enemy in battle.  O best of kings, the Kauravas will behold the prowess of this lion among car-warriors exerted for thee, to be equal to that of Indra himself in battle.  As regards the car-army of this king, O monarch, those smiters of fierce impetus, the Kamvojas, will cover a large area like a flight of locusts!  Coming from (the province of) Mahishmati, Nila, accoutred in blue mail, is one of thy Rathas.  With his car-army he will cause a great havoc among thy foes, O child, he had hostilities with Sahadeva.  O king, he will continually fight for thee, O thou of Kuru’s race.  Accomplished in battle, and of fierce energy and prowess, (the princes) Vinda and Anuvinda of Avanti are both regarded as excellent Rathas.  These two heroes among men will consume the troops of thy foes, with maces and bearded darts, and swords and long shafts, and javelins hurled from their hands.  Like a couple of (elephant) leaders sporting in the midst of their herds, these two princes, O monarch, longing for battle, will range the field, each like Yama himself.  The five (royal) brothers

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