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’Nakula, then, O king, said these words, ’O Uluka, say unto Dhritarashtra’s son, Suyodhana, of Kuru’s race that all the words uttered by him have now been heard and their sense understood.  I shall, O Kauravya, do all that thou hast commended me to do.’

’And Sahadeva also, O monarch, said these words of grave import, ’O Suyodhana, it will all be as thou wishest!  Thou shalt have to repent, O great king, along with thy children, kinsmen, and counsellors, even as thou art now bragging joyously in view of our sufferings.’

’Then Virata and Drupada, both venerable in years, said these words unto Uluka, It is even our wish that we become slaves of a virtuous person!  Whether, however, we are slaves or masters, will be known tomorrow, as also who owns what manliness!’

’After them, Sikhandin said these words unto Uluka, ’Thou must say unto king Duryodhana who is always addicted to sinfulness, these words, viz.,—­See, O king, what fierce deed is perpetrated by me in battle!  I shall slay grandsire of thine from his car, relying upon whose prowess thou art certain of success in battle!  Without doubt, I have been created by the high-souled Creator for the destruction of Bhishma.  I shall assuredly slay Bhishma in the sight of all bowmen.’

’After this, Dhrishtadyumna also said unto Uluka, the gambler’s son, these words, ’Say unto prince Suyodhana these my words, viz., I shall slay Drona with all his followers and friends.  And I shall do a deed which none else will ever do.’

’King Yudhishthira once more said these high words fraught with clemency, viz.,—­O monarch, I never desire the slaughter of my kinsmen.  O thou of wicked understanding, it is from thy fault that all this will assuredly take place.  I shall, of course, have to sanction the fulfilment of their great feats by all these (around me).  Go hence, O Uluka, without delay or stay here, O sire, for, blessed be thou, we too are thy kinsmen.’

’Uluka, then, O king, thinking permission of Yudhishthira, the son of Dharma, went thither where king Suyodhana was.  Thus addressed, the gambler’s son carefully bearing in mind all he had heard, returned to the place from which he had come.  And arriving there, he fully represented unto the vindictive Duryodhana all that Arjuna had charged him with.  And he also faithfully communicated unto Dhritarashtra’s son the words of Vasudeva, of Bhima, of king Yudhishthira the Just, of Nakula and Virata and Drupada, O Bharata and the words of Sahadeva and Dhrishtadyumna and Sikhandin, and the words also that were spoken (subsequently) by Kesava and Arjuna.  And having listened to the words of the gambler’s son, Duryodhana, that bull of Bharata’s race, ordered Dussasana and Karna and Sakuni, O Bharata, and their own troops and the troops of the allies, and all the (assembled) kings, to be arrayed in divisions and be ready for battle before sunrise (next morrow).  Messengers then, instructed by Karna and hastily mounting on cars and camels and mares and good steeds endued with great fleetness, quickly rode through the encampment.  And at Karna’s command they promulgated the order—­Array (yourselves) before sunrise tomorrow!’”

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