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firm in his promises.  I shall, with my arrows, throw him down who is your refuge from his car before the eyes of you all!  When the morrow cometh, Suyodhana will know what it is to indulge in brag, beholding the grandsire covered with my arrows!  Thou shalt, O Suyodhana, very soon see the fulfilment of that which Bhimasena in anger had said, in the midst of the assembly, unto thy brother, that man of limited sight, viz., Dussasana, wedded to unrighteousness, always quarrelsome, of wicked understanding, and cruel in behaviour.  Thou shalt soon see the terrible effects of vanity and pride, of wrath and arrogance, of bragging and heartlessness, cutting words and acts, of aversion from righteousness, and sinfulness and speaking ill of others, of transgressing the counsels of the aged, of oblique sight, and of all kinds of vices!  O scum of humanity, how canst thou, O fool, hope for either life or kingdom, if I, having Vasudeva for my second, give way to anger?  After Bhishma and Drona will have been quieted and after the Suta’s son will have been overthrown, thou shalt be hopeless of life, kingdom and sons!  Hearing of the slaughter of thy brothers and sons, and struck mortally by Bhimasena, thou wilt, O Suyodhana, recollect all thy misdeeds!—­Tell him, O gambler’s son, that I do not vow a second time.  I tell thee truly that all this will be true!—­Departing hence, O Uluka, say, O sire, these words of mine, unto Suyodhana!  It behoveth thee not to apprehend my behaviour by the light of thy own!  Know the difference there is between thy conduct and mine, which is even the difference between truth and falsehood!  I do not wish harm to even insects and ants.  What shall I say, therefore, of my ever wishing harm to my kinsmen?  O sire, it was for this that five villages only were solicited by me!  Why, O thou of wicked understanding, dost thou not see the dire calamity that threatens thee?  Thy soul overwhelmed with lust, thou indulgest in vauntings from defectiveness of understanding.  It is for this also thou acceptest not the beneficial words of Vasudeva.  What need now of much talk?  Fight (against us) with all thy friends!  Say, O gambler’s son, unto the Kuru prince who always doth what is injurious to me (these words also, viz.,)—­Thy words have been heard; their sense also hath been understood.  Let it be as thou wishest!’

’O son of king, Bhimasena then once more said these words, ’O Uluka, say those words of mine unto the wicked-minded, deceitful, and unrighteous Suyodhana, who is an embodiment of sin, who is wedded to guile, and whose behaviour is exceedingly wicked.  Thou shalt have to dwell in the stomach of a vulture or in Hastinapura.  O scum of human kind, I shall assuredly fulfil the vow I have made in the midst of the assembly.  I swear in the name of Truth, slaying Dussasana in battle, I shall quaff his life-blood!  Slaying also thy (other) brothers, I shall smash thy own thighs.  Without doubt, O Suyodhana, I am the destroyer of all the sons of Dhritarashtra, as Abhimanyu is of all the (younger) princes!  I shall by my deeds, gratify you all!  Hearken once more to me.  O Suyodhana, slaying thee, with all thy uterine brothers, I shall strike the crown of thy head with my foot in the sight of the king Yudhishthira the Just!’

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