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At Yudhishthira’s command, however, I shall only discharge the functions of charioteer to the high-souled Falguni, of senses under complete control and who alone, (amongst us two) will fight!  If thou fliest beyond the limits of the three worlds, if thou sinkest into the depths of the earth, thou shalt, even at these places, behold Arjuna’s car tomorrow morning.  Thou thinkest that Bhima’s words have been spoken in vain!  But know that Dussasana’s blood hath already been quaffed.  Know this also that although thou hast uttered such cross and perverse words, yet neither Partha, nor king Yudhishthira, nor Bhimasena, nor any of the twins, regardeth thee as straw!’”


“Sanjaya said, ’Having heard those words of Duryodhana, Gudakesha of great fame looked at the gambler’s son with eyes exceedingly red.  And eyeing Kesava also and tossing his massive arms, he addressed the gambler’s son, saying, ’He, who, relying on his own strength, summoneth his foes and fighteth with them fearlessly, is spoken of as a man.  He, however, who, relying on the strength of others, summoneth his foes, is an infamous Kshatriya.  In consequence of his incapacity, such a one is regarded as the lowest of men.  Relying on the strength of others, thou (O Duryodhana), being a coward thyself, desirest yet, O fool, to rebuke thy foes.  Having installed (Bhishma) the oldest of all the Kshatriyas, whose heart is ever bent in doing what is good, who hath all his passions under control, and who is endued with great wisdom, in the command of thy troops and made him liable to certain death, thou indulgest in brag!  O thou of wicked understanding, thy object (in doing this) is fully known to us, O wretch of thy race!  Thou hast done it, believing that sons of Pandu will not, from kindness, slay the son of Ganga.  Know, however, O Dhritarashtra’s son, that I will slay that Bhishma first in the sight of all the bowmen, relying upon whose strength thou indulgest in such boasts!  O gambler’s son, repairing (hence) unto the Bharatas and approaching Duryodhana the son of Dhritarashtra, say unto him that Arjuna hath said,—­So be it!  After this night will have passed away, the fierce encounter of arms will take place.  Indeed, Bhishma of unfailing might and firmly adhering to truth, hath told thee in the midst of the Kurus these words, viz.,—­I will slay the army of the Srinjayas and the Salweyas.  Let that be my task.  Excepting Drona I can slay the whole world.  Thou needest not, therefore, entertain any fear oil the Pandavas!  At this, thou, O Duryodhana, regardest the kingdom as thy own and thinkest that the Pandavas have sunk into distress.  Thou hast been filled with pride at this.  Thou seest not, however, danger that is in thy own self.  I shall, therefore, in battle, first slay before thy very eyes, Bhishma the eldest of the Kurus!  At sunrise (tomorrow) at the head of the troops, with standards and cars protect ye that leader of thy forces

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