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“Uluka said, ’Even this is what the high-souled king Duryodhana hath in the presence of all the Kuru heroes, said unto thee!  Listen to those words, O Yudhishthira!  Thou wert defeated at dice, and Krishna was brought into the assembly!  At this, a person who regardeth himself a man would be justified in giving way to wrath!  For twelve years wert thou banished from home into the woods!  For one whole year didst thou live in Virata’s service.  Remembering the reason there is for wrath, thy exile, and the persecution of Krishna, be a man, O son of Pandu!  Though weak, Bhima yet, O Pandava, made a vow!  Let him, if able, drink the blood of Dussasana!  Thy weapons have been properly worshipped and their presiding deities have been invoked!  The field of Kurukshetra also is without mire.  The roads are even.  Thy steeds are well-fed.  Engage in battle, therefore, on the morrow, with Kesava as thy ally!  Without having yet approached Bhishma in battle, why dost thou indulge in boasts?  Like a fool that boasteth of his intention to ascend the mountains of Gandhamadana, thou, O son of Kunti, art indulging in a vain boast.  Without having vanquished in battle the Suta’s son (Karna) who is invincible, and Salya, that foremost of mighty persons, and that first of all warriors and equal unto Sachi’s lord himself in combat, why, O son of Pritha, dost thou wish for sovereignty?  A preceptor in both the Vedas and the bow, he hath reached the end of both these branches of learning.  Thou desirest in vain, O son of Pritha, to vanquish that leader of troops, the illustrious Drona, who fightest in the van, is incapable of being agitated, and whose strength knows no diminution.  Never have we heard that the mountains of Sumeru have been crushed by the wind!  But the wind will bear away Sumeru, heaven itself will fall down on the earth, the very Yugas will be reversed if what thou hast said unto me really taketh place!  Who is there fond of life, fighting from the back of an elephant or of a horse or from a car, that would return home (safe and sound), after having encountered that grinder of foes?  What creature treading the earth with his feet, would escape with life from battle, having been attacked by Drona and Bhishma, or pierced with their terrible shafts?  Like a frog within a well, why dost thou not realise the strength of this assembled host of monarchs, which resembleth the very celestial host, and which is protected by these kings like the gods protecting theirs in heaven, and which, swarming with the kings of the East, West, South, and North, with Kamvojas, Sakas, Khasas, Salwas, Matsyas, Kurus of the middle country, Mlechchhas, Pulindas, Dravidas, Andhras, and Kanchis, indeed, with many nations, all addressed for battle, is uncrossable like the swollen tide of Ganga?  O fool of little understanding, how wilt thou fight with me while I am stationed in the midst of my elephant force?’

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