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is true.  For, did not Partha (some time after) bear a braid when living in Virata’s city?  In the cooking apartments of Virata, Bhimasena was fatigued with doing the work of a cook.  Even this, O son of Pritha, is (evidence of) my manliness!  Flying from an encounter with hips and braids and waist-bands, thyself binding thy hair, wert engaged in teaching the girls to dance?  It is thus that Kshatriyas always inflict punishment on Kshatriyas!  From fear of Vasudeva, or from fear of thyself, O Falguni, I will not give up the kingdom!  Fight with Kesava as thy ally!  Neither deception, nor conjuror’s tricks, nor jugglery, can terrify the armed man addressed for fight.  On the other hand, these provoke only his wrath.  A thousand Vasudevas, a hundred Falgunis, approaching me whose arms and weapons never go for nothing, will surely fly away in all directions.  Encounter Bhishma in combat, or strike the hill with thy head, or cross with the aid of thy two arms alone the vast and deep main!  As regards my army, it is a veritable main with Saradwat’s son as its large fish, Vivingsati as its huge snake, Bhishma as its current of immeasurable might, Drona as its unconquerable alligator, Karna and Salwa and Salya its fishes and whirlpools, the ruler of the Kamvojas its equine head emitting fire, Vrihadvala its fierce waves, Somadatta’s son its whale, Yuyutsu and Durmarshana its waters, Bhagadatta its gale, Srutayus and Hridika’s son its gulfs and bays, Dussasana its current, Sushena and Chitrayuda its water-elephants (hippopotamus) and crocodile, Jayadratha its (submarine) rock, Purumitra its depth, and Sakuni its shores!  When having plunged into this surging ocean with its inexhaustible waves of weapons, thou wilt, from fatigue, be deprived of senses and have all thy relatives and friends slain, then will repentance possess thy heart!  Then also will thy heart turn away from the thought of ruling the earth, like the heart of a person of impure deeds turning away from (hope of) heaven.  Indeed, for thee to win a kingdom to rule is as impossible as for one not possessed of ascetic merit to obtain heaven!’”


“Sanjaya said, ’Having reached the Pandava camp, the gambler’s son (Uluka) presented himself before the Pandavas, and addressing Yudhishthira said, ’Thou art fully conversant with what envoys say!  It behoveth thee not, therefore, to be angry with me if I repeat those words only which Duryodhana hath instructed me to tell!’

“Hearing this, Yudhishthira said, ’Thou hast no fear., O Uluka!  Tell us, without any anxiety what are the views of the covetous Duryodhana of limited sight!’ Then in the midst and presence of the illustrious and high-souled Pandavas, of the Srinjayas, and Krishna possessed of great fame, of Drupada with his sons, of Virata, and of all monarchs, Uluka said these words.’

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