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to pronounce benedictions on him, and glorified by those benedictions, and surrounded by his troops, and with Ganga’s son in the van, and accompanied by his brothers, Duryodhana marched to Kurukshetra with his large host.  And the Kuru king, going over the plain with Karna in his company, caused his camp to be measured out on a level part, O monarch, of that plain.  And the camp, pitched on a delightful and fertile spot abounding with grass and fuel, shone like Hastinapura itself.’”


“Janamejaya said, ’When Yudhishthira heard that Bhishma, the high-souled son of Ganga, the foremost of all wielders of weapons, the grandsire of the Bharatas, the head of all the kings, the rival of Vrihaspati in intellect, resembling the ocean in gravity, the mountains of Himavat in calmness, the Creator himself in nobleness, and the sun in energy, and capable of slaying hostile hosts like great Indra himself by showering his arrows, was installed, till his removal by death, in the command of the Kuru army on the eve of the great sacrifice of battle, terrific in its mien and capable of making one’s hairs stand on their ends, what did that mighty-armed son of Pandu, that foremost of wielders of weapons, say?  What also did Bhima and Arjuna say?  And what too did Krishna say?’

“Vaisampayana said, ’When news was received of this, Yudhishthira endued with great intelligence and well-acquainted with what should be done in view of dangers and calamities summoned all his brothers and also the eternal Vasudeva (to his presence).  And that foremost of speakers then said in a mild voice, ’Make your rounds among the soldiers, and remain carefully, casing yourselves in mail.  Our first encounter will be with our grandsire.  Look ye for (seven) leaders for the seven Akshauhinis of my troops.’

“Krishna said, ’Those words of grave import, which, O bull of the Bharata race, it behoveth thee to utter on an occasion like this, have, indeed, been uttered by thee.  Even this, O mighty armed one, is what I also like.  Let therefore, that be done which should be done next.  Let, indeed, seven leaders be selected for thy army.’

“Vaisampayana continued, ’Summoning then those warriors eager for battle, viz., Drupada and Virata, and that bull of Sini’s race, and Dhrishtadyumna the prince of Panchala, and king Dhrishtaketu, and prince Shikhandi of Panchala, and Sahadeva, the ruler of the Magadhas, Yudhishthira duly appointed them in the command of his seven divisions.  And above them all was placed in command of all the troops that Dhrishtadyumna who had sprung from the blazing (sacrificial) fire for the destruction of Drona.  And Dhananjaya, of curly hair, was made the leader of all those high-souled leaders.  And handsome Janardana endued with great intelligence, he who was the younger brother of Sankarshana, was chosen as the guide of Arjuna and the driver of his steeds.’

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