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“Vaisampayana said, ’Hearing these words of Janardana, king Yudhishthira the Just, of virtuous soul, addressed his brothers in the presence of Kesava and said, ’Ye have heard all that had happened in the court of the assembled Kurus.  Ye have also understood the words uttered by Kesava.  Ye, best of men, draw up, therefore, my troops now in battle-array in which they are to fight.  Here are seven Akshauhinis of troops assembled for our victory.  Hear the names of those seven celebrated warriors that would lead those seven Akshauhinis.  They are Drupada, and Virata, and Dhristadyumna, and Sikhandin, and Satyaki, Chekitana, and Bhimasena of great energy.  Those heroes will be the leaders of my troops.  All of them are conversant with the Vedas.  Endued with great bravery, all of them have practised excellent vows.  Possessed of modesty, all of them are conversant with policy, and accomplished in war.  Well-skilled in arrows and weapons, all of them are competent in the use of every kind of weapon.  Tell us now, O Sahadeva, O son of Kuru’s race, who that warrior, is conversant with all kinds of battle-array, that may become the leader of these seven and may also withstand in battle Bhishma who is like unto a fire having arrows for its flames.  Give us thy own opinion, O tiger among men, as who is fit to be our generalissimo.’

“Sahadeva said, ’Closely related to us, sympathising with us in our distress, endued with great might, conversant with every virtue, skilled in weapons, and irresistible in battle, the mighty king of the Matsyas, Virata, relying upon whom we hope to recover our share of the kingdom, will be able to bear in battle both Bhishma and all those mighty car-warriors.’

“Vaisampayana continued, ’After Sahadeva had said this, eloquent Nakula then said these words, ’He that in years, in knowledge of scriptures, in perseverance, in family and birth, is respectable; he that is endued with modesty, strength, and prosperity; he that is well-versed in all branches of learning; he that studied the science of weapons (with the sage Bharadwaja); he, who is irresistible and firmly devoted to truth; he that always challenges Drona and mighty Bhishma; he that belongs to one of the foremost of royal houses; he that is a famous leader of hosts; he that resembles a tree of hundred branches in consequence of sons and grandsons that surround him; that king, who, with his wife, performed, moved by wrath, the austerest of penances for the destruction of Drona; that hero, who is an ornament of assemblies; that bull among monarchs who always cherishes us like a father; that father-in-law of ours, Drupada, should be our generalissimo.  It is my opinion that he will be able to withstand both Drona and Bhishma rushing to battle, for that king is the friend of Angira’s descendant Drona and is conversant with celestial weapons.’

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