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and grasped the arms of Bhima.  And then between those lions among men, fired with wrath, between that chief of the Kichaka clan, and that best of men, there ensued a hand-to-hand encounter, like that between two powerful elephants for a female elephant in the season of spring, or like that which happened in days of yore between those lions among monkeys, the brothers Vali and Sugriva.  And both equally infuriate and both eager for victory, both those combatants raised their arms resembling snakes furnished with five hoods, and attacked each other with their nails and teeth, wrought up to frenzy of wrath.  Impetuously assailed by the powerful Kichaka in that encounter, the resolute Bhima did not waver a single step.  And locked in each other’s embraces and dragging each other, they fought on like two mighty bulls.  And having nails and teeth for their weapons, the encounter between them was fierce and terrible like that of two furious tigers.  And felling each other in fury, they encountered each other like a couple of elephants with rent temples.  And the mighty Bhima then seized Kichaka, and Kichaka, that foremost of strong persons threw Bhima down with violence.  And as those mighty combatants fought on, the crash of their arms produced a loud noise that resembled the clatter of splitting bamboos.  Then Vrikodara throwing Kichaka down by main force within the room, began to toss him about furiously even as a hurricane tosseth a tree.  And attacked thus in battle by the powerful Bhima, Kichaka grew weak and began to tremble.  For all that, however, he tugged at the Pandava to the best of his power.  And attacking Bhima, and making him wave a little, the mighty Kichaka struck him with his knees and brought him down to the ground.  And overthrown by the powerful Kichaka, Bhima quickly rose up like Yama himself with mace in hand.  And thus that powerful Suta and the Pandava, intoxicated with strength and challenging each other, grappled with each other at midnight in that solitary place.  And as they roared at each other in wrath, that excellent and strong edifice began to shake every moment.  And slapped on the chest by the mighty Bhima, Kichaka fired with wrath moved not a single pace.  And bearing for a moment only that onslaught incapable of being born on earth, the Suta, overpowered by Bhima’s might, became enfeebled.  And seeing him waning weak, Bhima endued with great strength forcibly drew Kichaka towards his breast, and began to press hard.  And breathing hard again and again in wrath, that best of victors, Vrikodara, forcibly seized Kichaka by the hair.  And having seized Kichaka, the mighty ’Bhima began to roar like a hungry tiger that hath killed a large animal.  And finding him exceedingly exhausted, Vrikodara bound him fast with his arms, as one binds a beast with a cord.  And then Bhima began for a long while, to whirl the senseless Kichaka, who began to roar frightfully like a broken trumpet.[17] And in order to pacify Krishna’s wrath Vrikodara
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