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of fierce deeds, standing on the summit, mace in hand, and as if devouring this earth.  This plainly indicates that he will slay all of us in fierce battle.  It is known to me, O lord of the senses, that victory is there where righteousness is.  I saw also Dhananjaya, the wielder of Gandiva, seated on the back of a white elephant, with thee, O lord of the senses, and blazing forth with great beauty.  I have no doubt, O Krishna, that ye will slay in battle all the kings headed by Duryodhana.  I saw Nakula and Sahadeva and that mighty car-warrior Satyaki, adorned with white bracelets, white cuirasses, white garlands, and white robes.  This tiger among men were seated upon excellent vehicles borne on the shoulders of men.  And I saw that umbrellas were held over the heads of all the three.  Amongst the soldiers of Dhritarashtra’s son, these three, O Janardana, were beheld by me decked with white head-gears.  Know, O Kesava, that those three were Aswatthaman, Kripa, and Kritavarman of Satwata’s race.  All other kings, O Madhava, were seen by me to have blood-red head-ears.  I saw also, O thou of mighty arms, that those mighty car-warriors Bhishma and Drona, ascending on a vehicle drawn by camels, and by myself, and Dhritarashtra’s son, proceeded, O lord, to the quarter, O Janardana, ruled by Agastya.  This indicates that we shall soon have to proceed to Yama’s abode.  I have no doubt that myself and the other kings, indeed, the entire assemblage of Kshatriyas shall have to enter into the Gandiva fire.’

“Krishna said, ’Indeed, the destruction of the earth is at hand when my words, O Karna, do not become acceptable to thy heart.  O sire, when the destruction of all creatures approacheth, wrong assuming the semblance of right leaveth not the heart.’

“Karna said, ’If, O Krishna, we come out of this great battle that will be so destructive of heroic Kshatriyas, with life, then, O thou of mighty arms may we meet here again.  Otherwise, O Krishna, we shall certainly meet in heaven.  O sinless one, it seemeth to me now that there only it is possible for us to meet.’

“Sanjaya said, ’Having spoken these words, Karna closely pressed Madhava to his bosom.  Dismissed by Kesava, he then descended from the car.  And riding on his own car decked with gold, Radha’s son greatly dejected, came back with us!’”


“Vaisampayana said, ’Upon the failure of Krishna’s solicitations (for peace), and after he had started for the Pandavas from the Kurus, Kshatri approached Pritha and said these words slowly in grief, ’O mother of living children, thou knowest that my inclination is always for peace, and although I cry myself hoarse, yet Suyodhana doth not accept my words.  King Yudhishthira, having the Chedis, the Panchalas, and the Kekayas, Bhima and Arjuna, Krishna, Yuyudhana, and the twins for his allies, stayeth yet at Upaplavya, and from affection for kinsmen,

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