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of these portents, a terrible calamity approacheth, productive of a great slaughter.  O Kesava, amongst the steeds, elephants and soldiers, in all the divisions of Duryodhana’s army, it is seen, O slayer of Madhu, that while small is the food these take, ample is the excreta they evacuate.  The wise have said that this is an indication of defect.  The elephants and steeds of the Pandavas, O Krishna, all seem to be cheerful, while all the animals wheel along their right.  This also is an indication of their success.  The same animal, O Kesava, pass by the left side of Duryodhana’s army, while incorporeal voices are constantly heard (over their heads).  All this is an indication of defeat.  All auspicious birds, such as peacocks, swans, cranes, Chatakas, Jivajivas, and large flights of Vakas, follow the Pandavas, while vultures, Kankas, hawks, Rakshasas, wolves and bees, in flights and herds, follow the Kauravas.  The drums in the army of Dhritarashtra’s son yield no sounds, while those of the Pandavas yield sounds without being struck.  The wells in the midst of Duryodhana’s encampment send forth loud roars like those of huge bulls.  All this is an indication of defeat.  The gods are showering flesh and blood, O Madhava, on Duryodhana’s soldiers.  Vapoury edifices of great effulgence with high walls, deep trenches, and handsome porches, are suddenly appearing in the skies (over the Kuru encampment).  A black circle surrounding the solar disc appears to the view.  Both twilights at sunrise and sunset indicate great terrors.  The jackals yell hideously.  All this is an indication of defeat.  Diverse birds, each having but one wing, one eye, and one leg, utter terrible cries.  All this, O slayer of Madhu, indicates defeat.  Fierce birds with black wings and red legs hover over the Kuru encampment at nightfall.  All this is an indication of defeat.  The soldiers of Duryodhana betray hatred for Brahmanas first, and then for their preceptors, and then for all their affectionate servants.  The, eastern horizon of (Duryodhana’s encampment) appeareth red; the southern of the hue of weapons; and western, O slayer of Madhu, of an earthy hue.  All the quarters around Duryodhana’s encampment seem, O Madhava, to be ablaze.  In the appearance of all these portents, great is the danger that is indicated.

’I have in a vision, O Achyuta, beheld Yudhishthira ascending with his brothers a palace supported by a thousand columns.  All of them appeared with white head-gears and in white robes.  And all of them appeared to me to be seated on white seats.  In the midst of the same vision, thou, O Janardana, wast beheld by me to be employed in enveloping the blood-dyed earth with weapons.  Yudhishthira at the same time, of immeasurable energy, ascending upon a heap of bones, was gladly eating buttered payasa of a golden cup.  I further beheld Yudhishthira to be employed in swallowing the earth handed over to him by thee.  This indicates that he will verily rule the earth I beheld that tiger among men, Vrikodara,

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