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“Kunti continued, ’Hearing this speech of his mother fraught with excellent words, and sense, the despair that had overtaken Sanjaya’s heart left instantly, although that prince was not gifted with great intelligence.  And the son said, ’When I have thee that are so observant of my future welfare for my guide, I shall certainly either rescue my paternal kingdom that is sunk in water or perish in the attempt.  During thy discourse I was almost a silent listener.  Now and then only I interposed a word.  It was, however, only with the view of drawing thee out, so that I might hear more on the subject.  I have not been satiated with thy words, like a person not satiated with drinking amrita.  Deriving support from any allies, behold, I gird up my loins for repressing my foes and obtaining victory.’

“Kunti continued, ’Pierced by the wordy arrows of his mother, the son roused himself like a steed of proud mettle and achieved all that his mother had pointed out.  When a king is afflicted by foes and overcome with despair, his minister should make him hear this excellent history that enhanceth energy and inspireth might.  Indeed, this history is called Jaya and should be listened to by every one desirous of victory.  Indeed, having listened to it, one may soon subjugate the whole earth and grind his foes.  This history causeth a woman to bring forth a heroic son, the woman quick with child that listeneth to it repeatedly, certainly giveth birth to a hero.  The Kshatriya woman that listeneth to it bringeth forth a brave son of irresistible prowess, one that is foremost in learning, foremost in ascetic austerities, foremost in liberality, devoted to asceticism, blazing forth with Brahmic beauty, enumerable with the good, radiant with effulgence, endued with great might, blessed, a mighty car-warrior, possessed of great intelligence, irresistible (in battle), ever victorious, invincible, a chastiser of the wicked and a protector of all practisers of virtue.’”


“Kunti said, ’Say unto Arjuna, these words, when thou wert brought forth in the lying-in room and when I was sitting in the hermitage surrounded by ladies, a celestial and delightful voice was heard in the sky, saying, ’O Kunti, this thy son will rival the deity of a thousand eyes.  This one will vanquish in battle all the assembled Kurus.  Aided by Bhima, he will conquer the whole Earth and his fame will touch the very heavens.  With Vasudeva as his ally, he will slay the Kurus in battle and recover his lost paternal share in the kingdom.  Endued with great prosperity, he will, with his brothers, perform three great sacrifices.’  O thou of unfading glory, thou knowest how steady, in truth, is Vibhatsu, otherwise called Savyasachin, how irresistible he is.  O thou of Dasarha’s race, let it be as that (celestial) voice said.  If, O thou of Vrishni’s race, there is anything like righteousness, those words will be true, for then, Krishna, thou

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