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of sustenance, bow down to any body on earth.  One should stand erect with courage and not bow down, for exertion is manliness.  One should rather break in the joints than yield in this world here to any body.  A high-souled Kshatriya should always roam like an infuriated elephant.  He should, O Sanjaya, bow down unto Brahmanas only, for the sake of virtue.  He should rule over all other orders, destroying all evil-doers.  Possessed of allies, or destitute of them, he should be so as long as he liveth.’”


“Kunti said, ’Hearing these words of his mother the son said, O ruthless and wrathful mother, O thou that thinkest highly of martial heroism, thy heart is surely made of steel beat into that shape.  Fie on Kshatriya practices, in accordance with which thou urgest me to battle, as if I were a stranger to thee, and for the sake of which thou speakest to me—­thy only son—­such words as if thou wert not my mother.  If thou beholdest me not, if thou art dissociated with me—­thy son, of what use then would the whole earth be to thee, of what use all thy ornaments and all the means of enjoyment, indeed, of what use would life itself be to thee?’

“The mother said, ’All the acts of those that are wise, are (undertaken), O son, for the sake of virtue and profit.  Eyeing these (virtue and profit) only, I urge thee, O Sanjaya, to battle.  The fit hour hath come for exhibiting thy prowess.  If at such a time thou dost not resort to action, then disrespected by the people thou wouldst do that which would be most disagreeable to me.  If, O Sanjaya, thou art about to be stained with infamy and I do not (from affection) tell thee anything, then that affection, worthless and unreasonable, would be like that of the she-ass’s for her young.  Do not tread the path that is disapproved by the wise and adopted by the fool.  Great is the ignorance here.  Innumerable creatures of the world have taken refuge in it.  If thou, however, adoptest the behaviour of the wise, thou wilt then be dear to me.  Indeed, if thou hast recourse to virtue and profit, if with God above thou reliest upon human exertion, if thy conduct becometh like that of the good, then it is by this and not by any other means that thou wilt become dear to me.  He that taketh delight in sons and grandsons that are well-instructed (enjoyeth a delight that is real).  He, on the other hand, that taketh delight in a son who is destitute of exertion, refractory, and wicked minded, hath not the very object accomplished for which a son is desired.  Those worst of men that never do what is proper and always do what is censurable, do not obtain happiness here or hereafter.  A Kshatriya, O Sanjaya, hath been created for battle and victory.  Whether he winneth or perisheth, he obtaineth the region of Indra.  The happiness that a Kshatriya obtaineth by reducing his foes to subjection is such that the like of it doth not exist in heaven in the sacred region

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