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Vrishnis, the mighty car-warrior Kritavarman, the son of Hridika.  And that chastiser of foes, Sauri, who had his car ready, was about to depart, king Dhritarashtra addressed him once more and said, ’O grinder of foes, thou hast seen, O Janardana, the power I wield over my sons!  Thou hast, indeed, witnessed all with thy own eyes.  Nothing now is unknown to thee.  Seeing me endeavour to bring about peace between the Kurus, and the Pandavas, in fact, knowing the state (in which I am), it behoveth thee not to entertain any suspicion regarding me.  O Kesava, I have no sinful feelings towards the Pandavas.  Thou knowest what words have been spoken by me to Suyodhana.  The Kauravas and all the kings of the Earth, also know, O Madhava, that I have made every endeavour to bring about peace.’

“Vaisampayana continued, ’The mighty-armed Janardana then addressed Dhritarashtra, Drona, grandsire Bhishma, Kshattri, Vahlika, and Kripa and said, ’Ye have yourselves witnessed all that hath happened in the assembly of the Kurus, viz., how wicked Duryodhana, like an uneducated wretch, left the court from anger, and how king Dhritarashtra also describeth himself to be powerless.  With the permission of you all, I shall now go back to Yudhishthira.’  Saluting them, that bull amongst men, Sauri then mounted his car and set out.  And those heroic bulls amongst the Bharatas, those mighty bowmen, viz., Bhishma, Drona, and Kripa, and Kshattri, and Aswatthaman and Vikarna, and that mighty car-warrior Yuyutsu, all began to follow him.  And Kesava, on his large white car, furnished with rows of tinkling bells, proceeded then, in the very sight of the Kurus, to the abode of his paternal aunt (Kunti).’”


“Vaisampayana said, ’Entering her abode and worshipping her feet, Kesava represented to her briefly all that had transpired in the assembly of the Kurus.  And Vasudeva said, ’Diverse words, worthy of being accepted and fraught with reasons, were said both by myself and the Rishis, but Duryodhana accepted them not.  As regards Suyodhana and his followers, their hour is come.  With thy leave now, I shall speedily repair unto the Pandavas.  What should I say unto the Pandavas as thy instructions to them?  Tell me that, O thou endued with great wisdom.  I desire to hear thy words.’

“Kunti said, ’O Kesava, say unto king Yudhishthira of virtuous soul these words, ’Thy virtue, O son, is decreasing greatly.  Do not act vainly.  O king, like a reader of the Vedas incapable of catching their real meaning, and, therefore, truly unlearned.  Thy understanding, affected by only the words of the Vedas, vieweth virtue alone.  Cast thy eyes on the duties of thy own order, as ordained by the Self-create.  For all ruthless deeds and for the protection of the people, from his (Brahmana’s) arms was created the Kshatriya, who is to depend upon the prowess of his own arms.  Listen, an instance

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