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this invincible and irresistible one, they will all perish like insects in a blazing fire.  If Janardana wisheth, he can send all of them, even if they fight in a body, unto the abode of Yama, like an enraged lion dispatching a herd of elephants.  He will, however, never do any such sinful and censurable act.  This best of persons, of unfading glory, will never deviate from virtue.’  After Vidura had said these words, Kesava, casting his eyes on Dhritarashtra, said in the midst of those well-meaning persons, who listen to others’ words, ’O king, if these (men) desire to chastise me by using violence, permit them to chastise me.  O monarch, as regards my chastising them, for I dare chastise all of them together that are so excited with rage, I will not, however, perpetrate any sinful and censurable act.  Coveting the possessions of the Pandavas, thy sons will lose their own.  If they desire to perpetrate such a deed, Yudhishthira’s object will then be (easily) accomplished, for, this very day, O Bharata, seizing these with all that follow them, I can make them over to the sons of Pritha.  What is there that is difficult of attainment by me?  I will not, however, O Bharata, commit in thy presence, O great monarch, any such censurable deed, that can proceed only from wrath and a sinful understanding.  Let it be, O king, as this Duryodhana desireth.  I give permission, O monarch, to all thy sons to do it.’

“Hearing these words (of Kesava), Dhritarashtra addressed Vidura saying, ’Quickly bring hither sinful Duryodhana, who is so covetous of sovereignty, with his friends, counsellors, brothers, and followers.  I shall see if indeed, making one more effort I can bring him to the right path.

’Thus addressed by Dhritarashtra, Kshattri once more caused unwilling Duryodhana to enter the court with his brothers, and surrounded by the kings (that followed him).  King Dhritarashtra then addressed Duryodhana, surrounded by Karna and Dussasana and all those kings, saying, ’O wretch of accumulated sins, having for thy allies men of despicable acts, infamous is the deed that thou, uniting with sinful friends, seekest to do.  Of little understanding, thou, infamy of thy race, one like thee alone can seek to do an act so infamous and disapproved by the good, however impossible it may be of being actually achieved.  Uniting with sinful allies, wishest thou to chastise this invincible and irresistible one of eyes like lotus-leaves?  Like a child wishing to have the moon, seekest thou, O fool, to do what cannot be done by the very gods, headed by Vasava with all their strength?  Knowest thou not, that Kesava is incapable of being withstood in battle by gods and men and Gandharvas and Asuras and Uragas?  Like the wind which none can seize of being seized with his hands, like the moon which no hand can reach, like the Earth which none can support on his head, Kesava is incapable by force.’

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