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“Vaisampayana said, ’Disregarding these words of grave import, spoken by his mother, Duryodhana went away, in anger, from that place to the presence of wicked persons.  And wending away from the court, the Kuru prince began to consult with Suvala’s royal son, Sakuni, most clever in dice.  And this was the resolution which Duryodhana and Karna and Suvala’s son Sakuni, with Dussasana as their fourth, arrived at, ’This Janardana, quick in action, seeketh, with the king Dhritarashtra and Santanu’s son, to seize us first.  We, however, shall forcibly seize this tiger among men, Hrishikesa, first, like Indra forcibly seizing Virochana’s son (Vali).  Hearing that this one of Vrishni’s race hath been seized, the Pandavas will lose their heart and become incapable of exertion, like snakes whose fangs have been broken.  This mighty-armed one is, indeed, the refuge and protection of them all.  If this grantor of wishes, this bull of all the Satwatas, be confined, the Pandavas with the Somakas will become depressed and incapable of any exertion.  Therefore, disregarding Dhritarashtra’s cries, we will seize even here this Kesava, who is quick in action, and then fight with the foe.’  After those sinful men of wicked souls had come to this sinful resolution, highly intelligent Satyaki, capable of reading the heart by signs, soon came to know of it.  And because of that knowledge, he soon issued out of the court, accompanied by Hridika’s son (Kritavarman).  And Satyaki addressed Kritavarman, saying, ’Array the troops soon.  And accoutred in mail and with thy troops arrayed for battle, wait thou at the entrance of the court, till I represent this matter unto Krishna, unwearied by exertion.’  Saying this, that hero re-entered the court, like a lion entering a mountain-cave.  And he (first) informed the high-souled Kesava and then Dhritarashtra, and then Vidura of that conspiracy.  And having informed them of that resolution, he laughingly said, ’These wicked men intended to commit an act here, that is disapproved by the good from consideration of virtue, profit, and desire.  They will, however, never be able to actually achieve it.  These fools of sinful souls assembled together, these wretches overwhelmed by lust, anger and yielding themselves up to wrath and covetousness, are about to perpetrate a highly unbecoming deed.  Those wretches of little understanding and desirous of seizing the lotus-eyed, are like idiots and children desiring to seize a blazing fire by means of their garments.’  Hearing these words of Satyaki, Vidura, endued with great foresight, said these words unto the mighty-armed Dhritarashtra in the midst of the Kurus, ’O king, O chastiser of foes, the hour of all thy sons is come, for they are endeavouring to perpetrate a highly infamous act, however incapable they may be of actually accomplishing it.  Alas, united together they desire to vanquish this younger brother of Vasava, and seize this lotus-eyed one.  Indeed, encountering this tiger among men,

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