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is, O son, quite true,—­Krishna and Dhananjaya are invincible.  Seek thou, therefore, the protection of this mighty-armed one, this one that is not worried by exertion, for if Kesava becometh gracious, both sides will be happy.  That min, who is not obedient to the wishes of wise and learned friends, always seeking his prosperity, only gladdeneth his enemies.  O son, there is no good in battle, no virtue, no profit.  How can it bring happiness then?  Even victory is not always certain.  Do not set thy heart, therefore, on battle.  O thou of great wisdom, Bhishma and thy father and Vahlika (formerly) gave unto the Pandavas their share (of the kingdom) from fear.  O chastiser of foes, never think of disunion with them.  Thou beholdest today the fruit of that (peaceful) cession in the fact of thy sovereignty over the whole earth, with all its thorns removed by those heroes.  Give, O chastiser of foes, unto the son of Pandu what is their due.  If thou wishest to enjoy, with the counsellors even half (the empire), let their share then be given unto them.  Half the earth is sufficient to yield the means of support unto thee and thy counsellors.  By acting according to the words of thy well-wishers, thou wilt, O Bharata, win great fame.  A quarrel with the sons of Pandu who are all endued with prosperity, who have their souls under complete control, who are possessed of great intelligence and have conquered their passions, will only divest thee of thy great prosperity.  Dispelling the wrath of all thy well-wishers, rule thou thy kingdom as becometh thee, giving, O bull of Bharata’s race, unto the sons of Pandu the share that belongeth to them.  O son, persecution of the sons of Pandu for full thirteen years hath been enough.  Augmented by lust and wrath, quench (that fire) now, O thou of great wisdom.  Thou that covetest the wealth of the Pandavas are not a match for them, nor this Suta’s son, who is exceedingly wrathful, nor this thy brother Dussasana.  Indeed, when Bhishma and Drona and Kripa and Karna and Bhimasena and Dhananjaya and Dhrishtadyumna will be enraged, the population of the earth will be exterminated.  Under the influence of wrath, do not, O son, exterminate the Kurus.  Let not the wide earth be destroyed for thy sake.  Of little understanding as thou art, thou thinkest that Bhishma, and Drona, and Kripa, all others will fight (for thee) with all their might.  That will never happen, for as regards these, that are endued with self-knowledge, their affection towards the Pandavas and yourselves is equal.  If for the sake of the sustenance they have obtained from the king (Dhritarashtra), they consent to yield up their very lives, they will not yet be able to cast angry glances upon king Yudhishthira.  It is never seen in this world that men acquire wealth by avarice.  Give up thy avarice then, O son, and desist, O bull of Bharat’s race.’”


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