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“Dhritarashtra said, ’O holy one, it is even so as thou, O Narada, sayest.  My wish also is precisely such, but, O holy one, I have no power (to carry them out)!’

“Vaisampayana continued, ’The Kuru king, having said these words unto Narada, then addressed Krishna and said, ’Thou hast, O Kesava, told me that which leadeth to heaven, what is beneficial to the world, consistent with virtue, and fraught with reason.  I am not, however, O sire, independent.  Duryodhana never doth what is agreeable to me.  Do thou, therefore, O mighty-armed Krishna, O best of persons, strive to persuade that foolish and wicked son of mine, who disobeyeth my commands.  O mighty-armed one, he never listeneth to the beneficial words, O Hrishikesa, of Gandhari, or of wise Vidura, or of other friends headed by Bhishma, all of whom seek his good.  Do thou, therefore, thyself counsel that crooked, senseless, and wicked-souled prince, of evil disposition and sinful heart.  By doing this, O Janardana, thou shalt have done that noble act which a friend should ever do.’  Thus addressed, he of Vrishni’s race, conversant with the truths of virtue and profit, approached nearer to the ever-wrathful Duryodhana and said unto him these sweet words, ’O Duryodhana, O best of the Kurus, listen to these words of mine, uttered especially for thy good, as also, O Bharata, for that of thy followers, Thou art born in a race that is distinguished for its great wisdom.  It behoveth thee to act righteously as I indicate.  Possessed of learning and endued with excellent behaviour, thou art adorned with every excellent quality.  They that are born in ignoble families, or are wicked-souled, cruel, and shameless, they only, O sire, act in the way that seemeth acceptable to thee.  In this world, the inclinations of those only that are righteous seem to be consistent with the dictates of virtue and profit.  The inclinations, however, of those that are unrighteous seem to be perverse.  O bull of Bharata’s race, the disposition that thou art repeatedly manifesting is of that perverse kind.  Persistence in such behaviour is sinful, frightful, highly wicked, and capable of leading to death itself.  It is besides, causeless, while, again, thou canst not, O Bharata, adhere to it long.  If by avoiding this which is productive only of woe, thou wilt achieve thy own good, if, O chastiser of foes, thou wilt escape from the sinful and disreputable deeds of thy brothers, followers, and counsellors, then, O tiger among men, make peace, O bull among the Bharatas, with the sons of Pandu who are all endued with great wisdom and great bravery with great exertion and great learning an all of whom have their souls under complete control.  Such conduct will be agreeable to and conducive to the happiness of Dhritarashtra who is endued with great wisdom, of grandsire (Bhishma), Drona, the high-souled Kripa, Somadatta, wise Vahlika, Aswatthaman, Vikarna,

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