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“Kanwa continued, ’Beholding Matali’s gratification at seeing the Naga called Sumukha, Narada informed him of the nobility of his parentage and of his feats.  And he said, ’Born in the race of Airavata this prince of Nagas is named Sumukha.  He is the favourite grandson of Aryaka, and the daughter’s son of Vamana.  The father of this youth was, O Matali, the Naga called Chikura.  Not long before was he slain by Vinata’s Son.’  Hearing this Matali became highly pleased, and addressing Narada, the charioteer said, ’This best of Nagas is, O sire, very acceptable to me for a son-in-law.  Make an endeavour to secure him, for I am highly pleased at the thought of bestowing on this Naga, O Muni, my dear daughter.’”


“Narada then said, ’This one is the charioteer of the name of Matali.  He is besides a dear friend of Sakra.  Pure in conduct, he hath an excellent disposition and possesses numerous virtues.  Endued with strength of mind, he hath great energy and great might.  He is the friend, counsellor, and charioteer of Sakra.  It has been seen in every battle that small is the difference that exists between him and Vasava as regards prowess and strength.  In all the battles between the gods and Asuras, it is this Matali that driveth, by his mind alone, that ever-victorious and best of cars belonging to Indra, which is drawn by thousand steeds.  Vanquished by his management of the steeds, the enemies of the gods are subjugated by Vasava by the use of his hands.  Defeated before-hand by Matali, the Asuras are subsequently slain by Indra.  Matali hath an excellent daughter, who in beauty is unrivalled in the world.  Truthful and possessed of every accomplishment, she is known by the name of Gunakesi.  He was searching the three worlds for an eligible bridegroom.  O thou that art possessed of the splendour of a celestial, thy grandson, Sumukha, hath become acceptable to him as a husband for his daughter.  If O best of serpents, his proposal be acceptable to thee, quickly make up thy mind, O Aryaka, to take his daughter in gift for thy grandson.  As Lakshmi in Vishnu’s house, or Swaha in that of Agni so let the slender-waisted Gunakesi be a wife in thy race.  Let Gunakesi, therefore be accepted by thee for thy grandson, like Sachi for Vasava who deserveth her.  Although this youth hath lost his father, yet we choose him for his virtues, and for the respectability of Airavata and thy own.  Indeed, it is in consequence of Sumukha’s merits, his disposition, purity, self-restraint and other qualifications that Matali hath become himself desirous of giving away his daughter unto him.  It behoveth thee, therefore, to honour Matali.’

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