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of an assembly, if the arrow is not extracted, it is the members themselves that are pierced by that arrow.  Indeed, in that case, righteousness slayeth the members of that assembly, like a river eating away the roots of the trees on its bank.’  Judge now, O bull of the Bharata race.  The Pandavas, with their eyes turned towards righteousness and reflecting on everything, are maintaining a calm attitude, and what they have said is consistent with truth and virtue and justice.  O ruler of men, what canst thou say unto them, but that thou art willing to give them back their kingdom?  Let these rulers of earth that are sitting here say (what the answer should be)!  If it appears to thee that what I have said after reflecting well on virtue to be true, save all these Kshatriyas, O bull of the Bharata race, from the meshes of death.  Effect peace, O chief of Bharata’s race, and yield not to anger.  Giving unto the Pandavas their just share of the paternal kingdom, enjoy thou then, with thy sons, O chastiser of foes, happiness and luxury, thy wishes being all crowned with success.  Know that Yudhishthira always treadeth the path that is trod by the righteous.  Thou knowest also, O king, what the behaviour of Yudhishthira is towards thee and thy sons.  Although thou hadst sought to burn him to death and hadst exiled him from human habitation, yet he came back and once more repose confidence in thee.  Again, didst thou with thy sons, banish him to Indraprastha?  While there, he brought all the kings of the earth to subjection and yet looked up to thy face, O king, without seeking to disregard thee.  Although he behaved in this way, yet Suvala’s son, desirous of robbing him of his dominions and wealth and possessions, applied the very efficacious means of dice.  Reduced to that condition and even beholding Krishna dragged into the assembly, Yudhishthira of immeasurable soul, did not yet swerve from the duties of a Kshatriya.  As regards myself, I desire, O Bharata, thy good as also theirs.  For the sake of virtue, of profit, of happiness, make peace, O king, and do not allow the Earth’s population to be slaughtered, regarding evil as good and good as evil.  Restrain thy sons, O monarch, who have from covetousness proceeded too far.  As regards the sons of Pritha, they are equally ready to wait upon thee in dutiful service or to fight.  That which, O chastiser of foes, seems to thee to be for thy good, do thou adopt!’

“Vaisampayana continued, ’All the rulers of earth there present highly applauded these words of Kesava within their hearts, but none of them ventured to say anything in the presence of Duryodhana.’


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