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peace in all the world?  Is virtue being duly practised?  And the other three orders obedient to the Brahmanas?  And having duly worshipped them, the slayer of Madhu again said, ’Where have ye been crowned with success?  Whither would ye go, and for what object?  What also shall I do for yourselves?  What has brought your illustrious selves down on the earth?’ Thus addressed, Jamadagni’s son, the friend of Brahma—­that lord of both gods and Asuras,—­approached Govinda the slayer of Madhu, embraced him, and said, ’The celestial Rishis of pious deeds, and Brahmanas of extensive acquaintance with the scriptures, and royal sages, O Dasarha, and venerable ascetic,—­these witnesses, O illustrious one, of the former feats of gods and Asuras,—­are desirous of beholding all the Kshatriyas of the earth assembled from every side as also the counsellors sitting in the assembly, the kings, and thyself the embodiment of truth, O Janardana.  O Kesava, we will go thither for beholding that grand sight.  We are also anxious, O Madhava, to listen to those words fraught with virtue and profit, which will be spoken by thee, O chastiser of foes, unto the Kurus in the presence of all the kings.  Indeed, Bhishma, and Drona, and others, as also the illustrious Vidura and thyself, O tiger among the Yadavas,—­Ye all will be assembled together in conclave!  We desire, O Madhava, to hear the excellent, truthful, and beneficial words that thou wilt utter and they also, O Govinda.  Thou art now informed of our purpose, O thou of mighty arms.  We will meet thee again.  Go thither safely, O hero.  We hope to see thee in the midst of the conclave, seated on an excellent seat mustering all thy energy and might.’”


“Vaisampayana said, ’O smiter of foes, when Devaki’s son of mighty arms set out (for Hastinapura), ten mighty car-warriors, capable of slaying hostile heroes, fully armed, followed in his train.  And a thousand foot-soldiers, and a thousand horsemen, and attendants by hundreds, also formed his train, carrying, O king, provisions in abundance.’

“Janamejaya said, ’How did the illustrious slayer of Madhu, of Dasarha’s race, proceed on his journey?  And what omens were seen when that hero set out?’

“Vaisampayana continued, ’Listen to me as I narrate all those natural and unnatural omens that were noticed at the time when the illustrious Krishna departed (for Hastinapura).  Though there were no clouds in the sky, yet the roll of thunder accompanied by flashes of lightning was heard.  And fleecy clouds in a clear sky rained incessantly in the rear!  The seven large rivers including the Sindhu (Indus) though flowing eastwards then flowed in opposite directions.  The very directions seemed to be reversed and nothing could be distinguished.  Fires blazed up everywhere, O monarch, and the earth trembled repeatedly.  The contents of wells and water-vessels by hundreds swelled up and ran out. 

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