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with grief as she is on account of her sons by talking of the Pandavas.  Ever since her marriage she hath been the victim, however undeserving, of sorrow and griefs due to the conduct of her father-in-law, and suffering hath been her position.  Shall I, O Krishna, ever see the time when, O chastiser of foes, my afflictions being over, I shall be able to make my sorrowing mother happy?  On the eve of our exile, from affection for her children, she ran after us in anguish, crying bitterly.  But leaving her behind, we went into the woods.  Sorrow doth not necessarily kill.  It is possible, therefore, that she is alive, being hospitably entertained by the Anartas, though afflicted with sorrow on account of her sons.  O glorious Krishna, salute her for me, the Kuru king Dhritarashtra also, and all those monarchs who are senior to us in age, and Bhishma, and Drona, and Kripa, and king Vahlika, and Drona’s son and Somadatta, and in fact, every one of the Bharata race, and also Vidura endued with great wisdom, that counsellor of the Kurus, of profound intellect and intimate acquaintance with morality,—­should all, O slayer of Madhu, be embraced by thee!’ Having in the presence of the kings, said these words unto Kesava, Yudhishthira, with Krishna’s permission, came back having at first walked round him.  Then Arjuna, proceeding a few steps, further said unto his friend, that bull among men, that slayer of hostile heroes, that invincible warrior of Dasarha’s race, ’It is known to all the kings, O illustrious Govinda, that at our consultation it was settled that we should ask back the kingdom.  If without insulting us, if honouring thee, they honestly give us what we demand, then, O mighty armed one, they would please me greatly and would themselves escape a terrible danger.  If, however, Dhritarashtra’s son, who always adopts improper means, acts otherwise, then I shall surely, O Janardana, annihilate the Kshatriya race.’

“Vaisampayana continued, ’When Arjuna said these words, Vrikodara was filled with delight.  And that son of Pandu continually quivered with rage; and while still quivering with rage and the delight that filled his heart upon hearing Dhananjaya’s words, he set forth a terrible shout.  And hearing that shout of his, all the bowmen trembled in fear and steeds and elephants were seen to pass urine and excreta.  And having addressed Kesava then and informed him of his resolution.  Arjuna with Janardana’s permission, came back, having first embraced him.  And after all the kings had desisted following him, Janardana set out with a cheerful heart on his car drawn by Saivya, Sugriva, and others.  And those steeds of Vasudeva, urged by Daruka, coursed onwards, devouring the sky and drinking the road.  And on his way Kesava of mighty arms met with some Rishis blazing with Brahmic lustre, standing on both sides of the road, And soon alighting from his car, Janardana saluted them reverently.  And worshipping them duly, he enquired of them, saying, ’Is there

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