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“The holy one said, ’I know, O monarch, the sinfulness of Dhritarashtra’s son, but by going there we will escape the blame of all the kings of the earth.  Like other animals before the lion, all the kings of the earth united together are not competent to stand still before me in battle when I am enraged.  If, after all, they do me any injury, then I will consume all the Kurus.  Even this is my intention.  My going thither, O Partha, will not be fruitless, for if our object be not fulfilled, we shall at least escape all blame.’

“Yudhishthira said, ’Do, O Krishna, as it pleaseth thee.  Blessed be thou, go then to the Kurus.  I hope to behold thee return successful and prosperous.  Going unto the Kurus, make thou, O Lord, such a peace that all the sons of Bharata may live together with cheerful hearts and contentedly.  Thou art our brother and friend, dear to me as much as to Vibhatsu.  Such hath been our intimacy with thee that we apprehend no neglect of our interest from thee.  Go thou, there for our good.  Thou knowest us, thou knowest our antagonists, thou knowest what our purposes are, and thou knowest also what to say.  Thou wilt, O Krishna, say unto Suyodhana such words as are for our benefit.  Whether peace is to be established by (apparent) sin or by any other means, O Kesava, speak such words as may prove beneficial to us.’


“The holy one said, ’I have heard Sanjaya’s words and now I have heard thine.  I know all about his purposes as also of thyself.  Thy heart inclineth to righteousness, whereas their inclination is towards enmity.  That which is obtained without war is of great value to thee.  A long-life Brahmacharya is not, O lord of earth, the duty of a Kshatriya.  Indeed, men of all the four orders have said that a Kshatriya should never subsist on alms; victory or death in battle, hath been eternally ordained by the Creator; even that is the duty of a Kshatriya.  Cowardice is not applauded (in a Kshatriya).  Subsistence, O Yudhishthira, is not possible by Cowardice, O thou of mighty arms.  Display thy prowess, and vanquish, O chastiser of foes, thy enemies.  The covetous son of Dhritarashtra, O chastiser of foes, living for a long time (with many kings) has by affection and friendship become very powerful.  Therefore, O king, there is no hope of making his peace with thee.  They regard themselves strong, having Bhishma and Drona and Kripa and others with them.  As long, O king, as thou, O grinder of foes, wilt behave with them mildly, they will withhold thy kingdom.  Neither from compassion, nor from mildness, nor from a sense of righteousness, will the sons of Dhritarashtra, O chastiser of foes, fulfil thy wishes.  This, O son of Pandu, is another proof that they will not make peace with thee.  Having pained thee so deeply by making thee put on a Kaupina, they were not stung with remorse.  In the very sight of the Grandsire (Bhishma) and Drona and the wise Vidura, of many holy

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