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Krishna, his wives, kinsmen, relatives, his own soul and the whole earth, put on one scale, weigheth with Dhananjaya on the other.  That Vasudeva, upon whom Arjuna relieth, is irresistible, and that host where Kesava is, becometh irresistible everywhere.  Listen, therefore, O child, to the counsels of those well-wishers of thine whose words are always for thy good.  Accept thou thy aged grandsire, Bhishma, the son of Santanu, as thy guide.  Listen thou to what I say, and what these well-wishers of the Kurus, Drona, and Kripa, and Vikarna, and king Vahlika say.  These all are as I myself.  It behoveth thee to regard them as much as thou regardest me, since, O Bharata, all these are conversant with morality and bear affection to thee as much as I myself do.  The panic and rout, before thy eyes, at the city of Virata, of all thy troops with thy brothers, after surrender of the king,—­indeed, that wonderful story that is heard of an encounter at that city between one and many, are sufficient proof (of the wisdom of what I say).  When Arjuna singly achieves all that, what will not the Pandavas achieve when united together?  Take them by the hands as thy brothers, and cherish them with a share of the kingdom.’”


“Vaisampayana said, ’Having addressed Suyodhana thus, the highly blessed and wise Dhritarashtra again asked Sanjaya, saying, ’Tell me, O Sanjaya, what thou hast not yet said, viz., what Arjuna told thee after the conclusion of Vasudeva’s speech, for great is my curiosity to hear it.’

“Sanjaya said, ’Having heard the words spoken by Vasudeva, the irresistible Dhananjaya, the son of Kunti, when the opportunity came, said these words in the hearing of Vasudeva.  ’O Sanjaya, our grandsire, the son of Santanu, and Dhritarashtra, and Drona, and Kripa, and Karna, and king Vahlika, and Drona’s son, and Somadatta, and Sakuni the son of Suvala; and Dussasana, and Sala, and Purumitra, and Vivingsati; Vikarna, and Chitrasena, and king Jayatsena, and Vinda and Anuvinda, the two chiefs of Avanti, and Bhurisravas, and king Bhagadatta, and king Jarasandha and other rulers of the earth, assembled there to fight for the good of the Kauravas, are all on the eve of death.  They have been assembled by Dhritarashtra’s son for being offered up as libations on the blazing Pandava-fire.  In my name, Sanjaya, enquire after the welfare of those assembled kings according to their respective ranks, paying them proper regard at the same time.  Thou shouldest also, O Sanjaya, say this, in the presence of all kings, unto Suyodhana-that foremost of all sinful men.  Wrathful and wicked, of sinful soul and exceedingly covetous, do thou, O Sanjaya, see that that fool with his counsellors hears all that I say.’  And with this preface, Pritha’s son Dhananjaya, endued with great wisdom, and possessed of large eyes with red corners, glancing at Vasudeva, then spoke unto me these words pregnant with both virtue and

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