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Aswins, Vayu, Agni, Indra with the Maruts, and Dharma will not venture to protect my foes.  If these had been able to protect by their might my adversaries, never would the sons of Pritha have fallen into such distress for three and ten years.  I tell thee truly that neither gods, nor Gandharvas nor Asuras nor Rakshasas are capable of saving him who hath incurred my displeasure; I have never before been baffled as regards the reward to punishment that I intended to bestow or inflict on friend or foe.  If ever, O repressor of foes, I said this is to be,—­that hath always been.  People, therefore, have always known me as a speaker of truth.  All persons can bear witness to my greatness, the fame of which hath spread all around.  I mention this, O king, for thy information and not from pride.  Never had I, O king, praised myself before, for to praise one’s own self is mean.  Thou wilt hear of defeat of the Pandavas and the Matsyas, the Panchalas and the Kekayas, of Satyaki and Vasudeva, at my hands.  Indeed, as rivers, on entering the ocean, are entirely lost in it, so the Pandavas with all their followers, on approaching me, will all be annihilated.  My intelligence is superior, my energy is superior, my prowess is superior, my knowledge is superior, my resources are superior by far to those of the Pandavas.  Whatever knowledge of weapons is in the Grandsire, in Drona, and Kripa, and Salya, and Shalya, exist in me as well.

’Having said these words, O Bharata, Duryodhana, that repressor of foes, again asked Sanjaya, in order to ascertain the proceedings of Yudhishthira bent upon war.’”


“Vaisampayana said, ’Without much minding Dhritarashtra, the son of Vichitravirya who was about to ask of Partha, Karna said unto Dhritarashtra’s son these words, cheering up the spirit of the assembled Kurus, ’Coming to know of the false pretence under which I obtained the Brahma weapon of old from Rama, the latter told me,—­When thy hour will come thy memory will fail thee in respect of this weapon.  Even for so great an offence I was cursed so lightly by that great Rishi, my preceptor.  That great Rishi of fierce energy is capable of consuming even the entire Earth with her seas.  By attention and personal bravery, I appeased his heart.  I have that weapon with me still, and my period is not yet run.  I am, therefore, fully competent (to win victory) Let the responsibility be mine.  Having obtained the favour of that Rishi, I will slay within the twinkling of an eye the Panchalas, the Karushas, the Matsyas, and the sons of Pritha with their sons and grandsons, and bestow on thee numerous regions won by my weapons.  Let the Grandsire and Drona and all the kings stay with thee.  I will slay the sons of Pritha, marching forth with the chief warriors of my army.  Let that task be mine.’  Unto him speaking thus, Bhishma said, ’What sayest thou, O Karna?  Thy intellect is clouded at the

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