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“Dhritarashtra said, ’I now abandon Duryodhana for ever.  ’A nevertheless grieve for you all, ye kings, that will follow this fool who is about to proceed to Yama’s abode.  Like tigers among a herd of deer, those foremost of smiters-the sons of Pandu,—­will smite down your principal leaders assembled for battle.  Methinks, the Bharata host, like a helpless woman, will be afflicted and crushed and hurled to a distance by Yuyudhana of long arms.  Adding to the strength of Yudhishthira’s army, which without him was already sufficient, Sini’s son will take up his stand on the field of battle and scatter his arrows like seeds on a cultivated field.  And Bhimasena will take up his position in the very van of the combatants, and all his soldiers will fearlessly stand in his rear, as behind a rampart.  Indeed, when thou, O Duryodhana, wilt behold elephants, huge as hills, prostrated on the ground with their tusks disabled, their temples crushed and bodies dyed with gore,—­in fact, when thou wilt see them lying on the field of battle like riven hills, then, afraid of a clash with him, thou wilt remember these my words.  Beholding thy host consisting of cars, steeds, and elephants, consumed by Bhimasena, and presenting the spectacle of a wide-spread conflagration’s track, thou wilt remember these my words.  If ye do not make peace with the Pandavas, overwhelming calamity will be yours.  Slain by Bhimasena with his mace, ye will rest in peace.  Indeed, when thou wilt see the Kuru host levelled to the ground by Bhima, like a large forest torn up by the roots, then wilt thou remember these my words.’

“Vaisampayana continued, ’Having said this unto all those rulers of the earth, the king addressing Sanjaya again, asked him as follows.’”


Dhritarashtra said, ’Tell me, O thou of great wisdom, what high-souled Vasudeva and Dhananjaya said.  I am anxious to hear from thee all about this.’

“Sanjaya said, ’Listen, O king, as I tell thee the state in which I found Krishna and Dhananjaya.  I will also, O Bharata, tell thee what those heroes said; O king, with looks bent down and hands joined together, and with senses well restrained, I entered the inner apartments for conferring with those gods among men.  Neither Abhimanyu nor the Twins can repair to that place where are the two Krishnas and Draupadi and lady Satyabhama.  There I beheld those chastisers of foes, exhilarated with Bassia wine, their bodies adorned with garlands of flowers.  Attired in excellent robes and adorned with celestial ornaments, they sat on a golden dais, decked with numerous gems, and covered over with carpets of diverse texture and hue.  And I beheld Kesava’s feet resting upon Arjuna’s lap while those of the high-souled Arjuna rested upon the laps of Krishna and Satyabhama.  Partha then pointed out to me (for a seat) a foot-stool made of gold.  Touching it with my hand, I seated myself down on the ground. 

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