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Gandiva,—­these three forces,—­have been united together.  As regards ourselves, we have not a bow of that kind, or a warrior like Arjuna, or a charioteer like Krishna.  The foolish followers of Duryodhana are not aware of this.  O Sanjaya, the blazing thunderbolt falling on the head leaveth something undestroyed, but the arrows, O child, shot by Kiritin leave nothing undestroyed.  Even now I behold Dhanajaya shooting his arrows and committing a havoc around, picking off heads from bodies with his arrowy showers!  Even now I behold the arrowy conflagration, blazing all around, issuing from the Gandiva, consuming in battle the ranks of my sons.  Even now it seemeth to me that, struck with panic at the rattle of Savyasachin’s car, my vast army consisting of diverse forces is running away in all directions.  As a tremendous conflagration, wandering in all directions, of swelling flames and urged by the wind, consumeth dry leaves and grass, so will the great fame of Arjuna’s weapons consume all my troops.  Kiritin, appearing as a foe in battle, will vomit innumerable arrows and become irresistible like all destroying Death urged forward by the Supreme Ordainer.  When I shall constantly hear of evil omens of diverse kinds happening in the homes of the Kurus. and around them and on the field of battle, then will destruction, without doubt, overtake the Bharats.’”


“Dhritarashtra said, ’Endued with great prowess and eager for victory, even as the sons themselves of Pandu are, so are their followers, who are all resolved to sacrifice their lives and determined to win victory.  Even thou, O son, hast told me of my mighty enemies, viz., the kings of the Panchalas, the Kekayas, the Matsyas, and the Magadhas.  He, again, who at his will can bring under his subjection all the three worlds with Indra at their head, even that Creator of the universe, the mighty Krishna is bent on giving victory upon the Pandavas.  As regards Satyaki, he acquired in no time the whole science of arms from Arjuna.  That scion of Sini’s race will stand on the battle-field, shooting his shafts like husbandmen sowing seeds.  The prince of Panchala, Dhristadyumna, that mighty car-warrior of merciless deeds, acquainted with all superior weapons, will fight with my host.  Great is my fear, O child from the wrath of Yudhishthira, from the prowess of Arjuna, and from the Twins and Bhimasena.  When those lords of men will, in the midst of my army, spread their superhuman net of arrows, I fear my troops will not come out of it.  It is for this, O Sanjaya, that I weep.  That son of Pandu, Yudhishthira, is handsome, endued with great energy, highly blessed, possessed of Brahma force, intelligent, of great wisdom, and virtuous soul.  Having allies and counsellors, united with persons ready for battle, and possessing brothers and father-in-law who are all heroes and mighty car-warriors, that tiger among men, the son of Pandu,

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