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to Kichaka’s abode to bring wine, for, O beauteous lady, I am afflicted with thirst.’  Thereupon the Sairindhri replied, ’O princess, I shall not be able to repair to Kichaka’s apartments.  Thou thyself knowest, O queen, how shameless he is.  O thou of faultless limbs, O beauteous lady, in thy palace I shall not be able to lead a lustful life, becoming faithless to my husbands.  Thou rememberest, O gentle lady, O beautiful one, the conditions I had set down before entering thy house.  O thou of tresses ending in graceful curls, the foolish Kichaka afflicted by the god of desire, will, on seeing me, offer me insult.  Therefore, I will not go to his quarters.  Thou hast, O princess, many maids under thee.  Do thou, good betide thee, send one of them.  For, surely, Kichaka will insult me.’  Sudeshna said, ’Sent by me, from my abode, surely he will not harm thee.’  And having said this, she handed over a golden vessel furnished with a cover.  And filled with apprehension, and weeping, Draupadi mentally prayed for the protection of the gods, and set out for Kichaka’s abode for fetching wine.  And she said, ’As I do not know another person save my husbands, by virtue of that Truth let Kichaka not be able to overpower me although I may approach his presence.’

“Vaisampayana continued, ’And that helpless damsel then adored Surya for a moment.  And Surya, having considered all that she urged, commanded a Rakshasa to protect her invisibly.  And from that time the Rakshasa began to attend upon that blameless lady under any circumstances.  And beholding Krishna in his presence like a frightened doe, the Suta rose up from his seat, and felt the joy that is felt by a person wishing to cross to the other shore, when he obtains a boat.’”


“Kichaka said, ’O thou of tresses ending in beautiful curls, thou art welcome.  Surely, the night that is gone hath brought me an auspicious day, for I have got thee today as the mistress of my house.  Do what is agreeable to me.  Let golden chains, and conchs and bright ear-rings made of gold, manufactured in various countries, and beautiful rubies and gems, and silken robes and deer-skins, be brought for thee.  I have also an excellent bed prepared for thee.  Come, sitting upon it do thou drink with me the wine prepared from the honey flower.’  Hearing these words, Draupadi said, ’I have been sent to thee by the princess for taking away wine.  Do thou speedily bring me wine, for she told me that she is exceedingly thirsty.’  And this, Kichaka said, ’O gentle lady, others will carry what the princess wants.’  And saying this, the Suta’s son caught hold of Draupadi’s right arm.  And at this, Draupadi exclaimed, ’As I have never, from intoxication of the senses, been unfaithful to my husbands even at heart, by that Truth, O wretch, I shall behold thee dragged and lying powerless on the ground.’

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