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the Pandavas will fight against you.  Sahadeva, the son of Jarasandha, and Jayatsena, both unrivalled heroes in battle, are resolved upon fighting for the Pandavas.  And Drupada too, possessed of great might, and followed by a large force, and reckless of his life, is resolved to fight for the Pandavas.  Relying upon these and other kings by hundreds, of both the eastern and northern countries, king Yudhishthira the just, is prepared for battle.’”


“Dhritarashtra said, ’All these named by thee are, indeed, endued with great courage, but all of them together are equal to Bhima singly.  My fear, O child, from the wrathful Bhima is, indeed, very great, like that of fat deer from an enraged tiger.  I pass all my nights in sleeplessness, breathing deep and hot sighs afraid of Vrikodara, O child, like an animal of any other species afraid of the lion.  Of mighty arms, and in energy equal unto Sakra himself, I see not in this whole army even one that can withstand him in battle.  Exceedingly wrathful and determined in animosity, that son of Kunti and Pandu smileth not even in jest, is mad with rage, casteth his glances obliquely, and speaketh in a voice of thunder.  Of great impetuosity and great courage, of long arms and great might, he will not, in battle, leave even one of my foolish sons alive.  Indeed, Vrikodara, that bull among the Kurus, whirling his mace in battle, will, like a second Yama mace in hand slay all my sons who are afflicted by a heavy calamity.  Even now I see that terrible mace of his, with eight sides made of steel, and adorned with gold, uplifted like a Brahmana’s curse.  As a lion of mighty strength among a flock of deer, Bhima will range among my troops.  He only (amongst his brothers) always displayed his strength cruelly towards my sons.  Eating voraciously, and endued with great impetuosity, from his very childhood he hath been behaving inimically towards my children.  My heart trembleth (to remember) that even in their childhood, Duryodhana and other sons of mine, while fighting with him (sportively) were always ground down by the elephant-like Bhima.  Alas, my sons have always been oppressed by his might, and it is that Bhima of terrible prowess that hath been the cause of this rupture.  Even now I behold Bhima, mad with rage, fighting in the very van, and devouring the whole of my host consisting of men, elephants, and steeds.  Equal unto Drona and Arjuna in weapons, his speed equal unto the velocity of the wind, and in wrath like unto Maheswara himself, who is there, O Sanjaya, that would slay that wrathful and terrible hero in battle?  I think it to be a great gain that my sons were not even then slain by that slayer of enemies who is endued with such energy.  How can a human being withstand the impetuosity of that warrior in battle who slew Yakshas and Rakshasas of terrible might before?  O Sanjaya, even in his childhood he was never completely under my control. 

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