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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 1,984 pages of information about The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 2.
let a more painful bed than that, on the bare earth, be now Duryodhana’s and let him lie down on it, as his last, deprived of life.  Win thou over those men that were ruled by the wicked Duryodhana of unjust conduct to the side of Pandu’s son endued with modesty and wisdom and asceticism and self-restraint and valour and might regulated by virtue.  Endued with humility and righteousness, with asceticism and self-restraint and with valour regulated by virtue, and always speaking the truth, our king, though afflicted by numerous deceptions, hath forgiven all and hath patiently borne great wrongs.  When the eldest son of Pandu, of soul under proper control, will indignantly dart at the Kurus his terrible wrath accumulated for years, then will the son of Dhritarashtra repent for this war.  As a blazing fire burning all around consumeth dry grass in the hot season, so will Yudhishthira, inflamed with wrath, consume the Dhritarashtra host by glance alone of his eye.  When Dhritarashtra’s son will behold Bhimasena, that wrathful Pandava of terrific impetus, stationed on his car, mace in hand, vomiting the venom of his wrath, then will Duryodhana repent for this war.  Indeed, when he will behold Bhimasena, who always fighteth in the van, accoutred in mail, scarcely capable of being looked at even by his own followers felling hostile heroes and devastating the enemy’s ranks like Yama himself, then will the exceedingly vain Duryodhana recollect these words.  When he will behold elephants, looking like mountain-peaks, felled by Bhimasena, blood flowing their broken heads like water from broken casks, then will Dhritarashtra’s son repent for this war.  When falling upon the sons of Dhritarashtra the fierce Bhima of terrible mien, mace in hand, will slaughter them, like a huge lion falling upon a herd of kine, then will Duryodhana repent for this war.  When the heroic Bhima undaunted even in situations of great danger and skilled in weapons-when that grinder of hostile hosts in battle,—­mounted on his car, and alone will crush by his mace crowds of superior cars and entire ranks of infantry, seize by his nooses strong as iron, the elephants of the hostile army, and mow down the Dhritarashtra’s host, like a sturdy woodsman cutting a forest down with an axe, then will Dhritarashtra’s son repent for this war.  When he will behold the Dhartarashtra’s host consumed like a hamlet full of straw-built huts by fire, or a field of ripe corn by lightning,—­indeed when he will behold his vast army scattered, its leaders slain, and men running away with their back towards the field afflicted with fear, and all the warriors, humbled to the dust, being scorched by Bhimasena with the fire of his weapons,—­then will the son of Dhritarashtra repent for this war, When Nakula, that warrior of wonderful feats, that foremost of all car-warriors, dexterously shooting arrows by hundreds, will mangle the car-warriors of Duryodhana, then will the son of Dhritarashtra repent for this war. 
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