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Our envoy hath returned quickly, by the aid of well-trained steeds of the, Sindhu breed.’  And having approached the place with speed and alighted from the car, Sanjaya adorned with ear-rings entered that hall full of high-souled kings.  And the Suta said, ’Ye Kauravas, know that having gone to the Pandavas I am just returning from them.  The sons of Pandu offer their congratulations to all the Kurus according to the age of each.  Having offered their respects in return, the sons of Pritha have saluted the aged ones, and those that are equal to them in years, and those also that are younger, just as each should, according to his years, be saluted.  Listen, ye kings, to what I, instructed before by Dhritarashtra, said to the Pandavas, having gone to them from this place.’


“Dhritarashtra said, “I ask thee, O Sanjaya, in the presence of my boy and of these kings, what words were said by the illustrious Dhananjaya of might that knoweth no diminution,—­that leader of warriors,—­that destroyer of the lives of the wicked?’

“Sanjaya said, ’Let Duryodhana listen to the words which the high-souled Arjuna, eager for fight, uttered, with Yudhishthira’s sanction and in the hearing of Kesava.  Fearless (in battle) and conscious of the might of his arms, the heroic Kiritin, eager for fight, spoke thus unto me in the presence of Vasudeva, ’Do thou, O suta, say unto Dhritarashtra’s son, in the presence of all the Kurus, and also in the hearing of that Suta’s son, of foul tongue and wicked soul, of little sense, stupid reason, and of numbered days, who always desires to fight against me, and also in the hearing of those kings assembled for fighting against the Pandavas, and do thou see that all the words now uttered by me are heard well by that king with his counsellors.’  O monarch, even as the celestials eagerly listen to the words of their chief armed with the thunderbolt, so did the Pandavas and the Srinjayas listened to those words of grave import uttered by Kiritin.  Just these are the words spoken by Arjuna, the wielder of Gandiva, eager for the fight and with eyes red as the lotus, ’If Dhritarashtra’s son doth not surrender to king Yudhishthira of the Ajamida race, his kingdom, then (it is evident) there must be some sinful act committed by the sons of Dhritarashtra, whose consequences are yet unreaped by them, for it can be nothing else when they desire battle with Bhimasena and Arjuna, and the Aswins and Vasudeva and Sini’s son, and Dhrishtadyumna infallible in arms, and Sikhandin, and Yudhishthira, who is like Indra himself and who can consume heaven and earth by merely wishing them ill.  If Dhritarashtra’s son desireth war with these, then will all objects of the Pandavas be accomplished.  Do not, therefore, propose peace for the sons of Pandu, but have war if thou likest.  That bed of woe in the woods which was Yudhishthira’s when that virtuous son of Pandu lived in exile; Oh,

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