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And the son of Kunti then girded up his loins to the great delight of the spectators.  And Bhima then summoned to the combat that athlete known by the name of Jimuta who was like unto the Asura Vritra whose prowess was widely known.  And both of them were possessed of great courage, and both were endued with terrible prowess.  And they were like a couple of infuriate and huge-bodied elephants, each sixty years old.  And those brave tigers among men then cheerfully engaged in a wrestling combat, desirous of vanquishing each other.  And terrible was the encounter that took place between them, like the clash of the thunderbolt against the stony mountain-breast.  And both of them were exceedingly powerful and extremely delighted at each other’s strength.  And desirous of vanquishing each other, each stood eager to take advantage of his adversary’s lapse.  And both were greatly delighted and both looked like infuriate elephants of prodigious size.  And various were the modes of attack and defence that they exhibited with their clenched fists.[12] And each dashed against the other and flung his adversary to a distance.  And each cast the other down and pressed him close to the ground.  And each got up again and squeezed the other in his arms.  And each threw the other violently off his place by boxing him on the breast.  And each caught the other by the legs and whirling him round threw him down on the ground.  And they slapped each other with their palms that struck as hard as the thunderbolt.  And they also struck each other with their outstretched fingers, and stretching them out like spears thrust the nails into each other’s body.  And they gave each other violent kicks.  And they struck knee and head against head, producing the crash of one stone against another.  And in this manner that furious combat between those warriors raged on without weapons, sustained mainly by the power of their arms and their physical and mental energy, to the infinite delight of the concourse of spectators.  And all people, O king, took deep interest in that encounter of those powerful wrestlers who fought like Indra and the Asura Vritra.  And they cheered both of them with loud acclamations of applause.  And the broad-chested and long-armed experts in wrestling then pulled and pressed and whirled and hurled down each other and struck each other with their knees, expressing all the while their scorn for each other in loud voices.  And they began to fight with their bare arms in this way, which were like spiked maces of iron.  And at last the powerful and mighty-armed Bhima, the slayer of his foes, shouting aloud seized the vociferous athlete by the arms even as the lion seizes the elephant, and taking him up from the ground and holding him aloft, began to whirl him round, to the great astonishment of the assembled athletes and the people of Matsya.  And having whirled him round and round a hundred times till he was insensible, the strong-armed Vrikodara dashed him to death on the ground.  And when the brave and
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