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not, however, the same seat with me.’  Sudhanwan said, ’Father and son.  Brahmanas of the same age and equal learning, two Kshatriyas, two Vaisyas and two Sudras, can sit together on the same seat, Except these, no other can sit together.  Your father used to pay his regards to me, taking a seat lower than that occupied by me.  Thou art a child, brought tip in every luxury at home and thou understandest nothing.’  Virochana said, ’Staking all the gold, kine, horses, and every other kind of wealth that we have among the Asuras, let us, O Sudhanwan, ask them this question that are able to answer.’  Sudhanwan said, ’Let alone your gold, kine, and heroes, O Virochana?  Making our lives forfeited, we will ask them this question that are competent.’  Virochana said, ’Wagering our lives where shall we go?  I will not appear before any of the gods and never before any among men.’  Sudhanwan said, ’Having wagered our lives, we will approach thy father, for he, Prahlada, will never say an untruth even for the sake of his son.’

“Vidura continued, ’Having thus laid a wager, Virochana and Sudhanwan, both moved by rage, proceeded to that place where Prahlada was.  And beholding them together, Prahlada said, ’These two who had never before been companions, are now seen together coming hither by the same road, like two angry snakes.  Have ye now become companions,—­ye who were never companions before?  I ask thee, O Virochana, has there been friendship between thee and Sudhanwan?’ Virochana said, ’There is no friendship between me and Sudhanwan.  On the other hand, we have both wagered our lives.  O chief of the Asuras, I shall ask thee a question, do not answer it untruly!’ Prahlada said, ’Let water, and honey and curds, be brought for Sudhanwan.  Thou deservest our worship, O Brahmana.  A white and fat cow is ready for thee.’  Sudhanwan said, ’Water and honey and curds, have been presented to me on my way hither.  I shall ask thee a question.  Prahlada, answer it truly! are Brahmanas superior, or is Virochana superior?’ Prahlada said, O Brahmana, this one is my only son.  Thou also art present here in person.  How can one like us answer a question about which ye two have quarrelled?  Sudhanwan said, ’Give unto thy son thy kine and other precious wealth that thou mayst have, but, O wise one, thou shouldst declare the truth when we two are disputing about it.’  Prahlada said, ’How doth that misuser of his tongue suffer, O Sudhanwan, who answereth not truly but falsely, a question that is put to him?  I ask thee this.’  Sudhanwan said, ’The person that misuseth his tongue suffers like the deserted wife, who pineth, at night, beholding her husband sleeping in the arms of a co-wife; like a person who hath lost at dice, or who is weighed down with an unbearable load of anxieties.  Such a man hath also to stay, starving outside the citygates, into which his admission is barred.  Indeed, he that giveth false evidence is destined to always find his foes.  He that speaketh a lie on

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