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mark and deserving to rule the three worlds, Yudhishthira is obedient to thy commands.  Let him, O Dhritarashtra, rule the earth, to the exclusion of all thy sons, Yudhishthira is the foremost of all thy heirs.  Endued with energy and wisdom, and acquainted with the truths of religion and profit, Yudhishthira, that foremost of righteous men, hath, O king of kings, suffered much misery out of kindness and sympathy, in order to preserve thy reputation.”


“Dhritarashtra said, ’O thou of great intelligence, tell me again words such as these, consistent with religion and profit.  My thirst for hearing them is not quenched.  What thou sayst is charming!”

“Vidura said, ’Ablution in all the holy places and kindness to all creatures,—­these two are equal.  Perhaps, kindness to all creatures surpasseth the former.  O master, show kindness unto all thy sons, for by that winning great fame in this world, thou wilt have heaven hereafter.  As long as a man’s good deeds are spoken of in this world, so long, O tiger among men, is he glorified in heaven.  In this connection is cited an old story about the conversation between Virochana and Sudhanwan, both suitors for Kesini’s hand.  Once on a time, O king, there was a maiden of the name of Kesini, unrivalled for beauty; moved by the desire of obtaining a good husband, she resolved to choose her lord in Swayamvara.  Then one of the sons of Diti, Virochana by name, went to that spot, desirous of obtaining the maiden.  Beholding that chief of the Daityas, Kesini addressed him, saying, ’Are Brahmanas superior, O Virochana, or are the sons of Diti superior?  And why also should not Sudhanwan sit on the sofa?’ Virochana said, ’Sprung from Prajapati himself, we, O Kesini, are the best and at the top of all creatures, and this world is ours without doubt.  Who are the gods, and who are the Brahmanas?’ Kesini said, ’We will, O Virochana, stay here in this very pavilion.  Sudhanwan will come here on the morrow, and let me see both of you sitting together.’  Virochana said, ’O amiable and timid girl, I will do what thou sayst.  Thou wilt behold Sudhanwan and myself met together in the morning.’

“Vidura continued, ’When the night had passed away and the solar disc had risen, Sudhanwan, O best of kings, came to that place where, O master, Virochana was waiting with Kesini.  And Sudhanwan saw there both Prahlada’s son and Kesini.  And beholding the Brahmana arrived, Kesini, O bull of the Bharata race, rising up from hers, offered him a seat, water to wash his feet, and Arghya.  And asked by Virochana (to share his seat) Sudhanwan said, ’O son of Prahlada, I touch thy excellent golden seat.  I cannot, however, suffer myself to be regarded as thy equal, and sit on it with thee.’  Virochana said, ’A piece of wooden plank, an animal skin, or a mat of grass or straw,—­these only, O Sudhanwan, are fit for thee.  Thou deservest

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