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the senses.  Others there are that think differently.  They hold that if a person’s acts are well-applied, these must produce the desired result.  Thus the child begot by the act of the mother and the father grows when duly tended with food and drink.  Men in this world become subject to love and hate, pleasure and pain, praise and blame.  A man is praised when he behaves honestly.  Thee I blame, since these dissensions of the Bharatas (whose root thou art) will surely bring about the destruction of innumerable lives.  If peace be not concluded, then through thy fault Arjuna will consume the Kurus like a blazing fire consuming a heap of dried grass.  O ruler of men, thou alone of all the world, yielding to thy son whom no restraints can blind, hadst regarded thyself as crowned with success and abstained from avoiding dispute at the time of the match at dice.  Behold now the fruit of that (weakness of thine)!  O monarch, by rejecting advisers that are faithful and accepting those that deserve no confidence, this extensive and prosperous empire, O son of Kuru, thou art unable to retain owing to thy weakness.  Wearied by my fast journey and very much fatigued, I solicit thy permission to go to bed now, O lion of men, for tomorrow morning will the Kurus, assembled together in the council-hall, hear the words of Ajatasatru.’”


“Vaisampayana said, ’King Dhritarashtra endued with great wisdom (then) said to the orderly-in-waiting, ’I desire to see Vidura.  Bring him here without delay.’  Despatched by Dhritarashtra, the messenger went to Kshatri and said, ’O thou of great wisdom, our lord the mighty king desireth to see thee.’  Thus addressed, Vidura (set out and) coming to the palace, spoke unto the orderly, ‘Apprise Dhritarashtra of my arrival.’  Thereupon the orderly went to Dhritarashtra, and said, O, foremost of kings, Vidura is here at thy command.  He wisheth to behold thy feet.  Command me as to what he is to do.’  Thereupon Dhritarashtra said, ’Let Vidura of great wisdom and foresight enter.  I am never unwilling or unprepared to see Vidura.’  The orderly then went out and spoke unto Vidura, ’O Kshatri, enter the inner apartments of the wise king.  The king says that he is never unwilling to see thee.’

“Vaisampayana continued, ’Having entered Dhritarashtra’s chamber, Vidura said with joined hands unto that ruler of men who was then plunged in thought, ’O thou of great wisdom, I am Vidura, arrived here at thy command.  If there is anything to be done, here I am, command me!’

“Dhritarashtra said, ’O Vidura, Sanjaya hath come back.  He hath gone away after rebuking me.  Tomorrow he will deliver, in the midst of the court, Ajatasatru’s message.  I have not been able today to ascertain what the message is of the Kuru hero.  Therefore, my body is burning, and that hath produced sleeplessness.  Tell us what may be good for a person that is sleepless and burning.  Thou art, O child, versed in both religion and profit.  Ever since, Sanjaya hath returned from the Pandavas, my heart knoweth no peace.  Filled with anxiety about what he may deliver, all my senses have been disordered’.

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