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A creeper can never flourish unless it hath a large tree to twine round.  The sons of Pritha are ready to wait upon Dhritarashtra as, indeed, those repressors of foes are ready for war.  Let king Dhritarashtra now do what may be proper for him to do.  The virtuous and the high-souled sons of Pandu, though competent to be engaged in fight, are yet now in place (with their cousins).  O learned man, represent all this truly (to Dhritarashtra).’”


“Sanjaya said, ’I did thee farewell, O divine ruler of men.  I will now depart, O son of Pandu.  Let prosperity be thine.  I hope, I have not carried away by the feelings of my heart, given utterance to anything offensive.  I would also bid farewell to Janardana, to Bhima and Arjuna, to the son of Madri, to Satyaki, and to Chekitana, and take my departure.  Let peace and happiness be yours.  Let all the kings look at me with eyes of affection.’

“Yudhishthira said, ’Permitted by us, O Sanjaya, take your leave.  Peace to thee!  O learned man, thou never thinkest ill of us.  Both they and we know thee to be a person of pure heart in the midst of all in the court (of the Kurus).  Besides, being an ambassador now, O Sanjaya, thou art faithful, beloved by us, of agreeable speech and excellent conduct, and well-affected towards us.  Thy mind is never clouded, and even if addressed harshly thou art never moved to wrath.  O Suta, thou never utterest harsh and cutting words, or those that are false or bitter.  We know that thy words, free from malice, are always fraught with morality and grave import.  Amongst envoys thou art the most dear to us.  Beside thee, there is another, who may come here, and that is Vidura.  Formerly, we always used to see thee.  Thou art, indeed, a friend to us as dear as Dhananjaya.  Proceeding hence, O Sanjaya, with all speed, thou shouldst wait upon those Brahmanas of pure energy and devoted to study according to the Brahmacharya mode,—­those, namely, that are devoted to the study of the Vedas while leading lives of mendicancy, those ascetics that habitually dwell in the woods, as also the aged ones of other classes, should all be addressed by thee in my name, O Sanjaya, and then their welfare should be enquired into by thee.  O Suta, repairing unto the priest of king Dhritarashtra as also unto his preceptors and Ritwijas, thou shouldst address them and enquire after their welfare.  Even amongst them that are, though not well-born at least aged, endued with energy, and possessed of good behaviour and strength, who remembering speak of us and practise according to their might even the least virtue, should first be informed of my peace, O Sanjaya, and then shouldst thou enquire after their welfare.  Thou shouldst also enquire after the welfare of those that live in the kingdom carrying on trade, and those that live there filling important offices of state.  Our beloved preceptor Drona, who is fully versed in

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