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“Salya continued, While that best of Angira’s race was thus speaking, there came that guardian of the world, Kuvera, and also Yama the son of Surya, and the old god Soma, and Varuna.  And arrived there they said to the great Indra, ’How lucky that the son of Twashtri hath been killed, and Vritra also!  How lucky, O Indra, that we are beholding thee safe and sound, while all thy enemies have been killed!’ Indra received all those guardians of the worlds, and with a glad heart greeted them in proper form with a view to requesting them in connection with Nahusha.  And he said, ’Nahusha of terrible mien is the king of the gods; therein lend me your assistance.’  They replied, ’Nahusha is of awful mien; his sight is poison; we are afraid of him, O God.  If thou overthrowest Nahusha, then we shall be entitled to our shares of sacrificial offerings, O Indra.’  Indra said, ’Let it be so.  You and the ruler of the waters, and Yama, and Kuvera shall this day be crowned along with me.  Aided by all the gods, let us overthrow the foe Nahusha of terrible gaze.’  Then Agni also said to Indra, ’Give me a share in sacrificial offerings.  I also shall lend you my assistance.’  Indra said to him, ’O Agni, thou also shalt get a share in great sacrifices,—­there will be a single share (in such) for both Indra and Agni.’

“Salya continued, ’Thus did the illustrious lord Indra, the chastiser of Paka, the giver of boons, bestow, after deliberation upon Kuvera the sovereignty over the Yakshas, and all the wealth of the world; upon Yama, the sovereignty over the Pitris; and upon Varuna, that over the waters.’


“Salya said, ’Now when the great Indra, the intelligent chief of the gods, was deliberating with the guardians of the world and other deities upon the means of slaying Nahusha, there appeared at that spot the venerable ascetic Agastya.  And Agastya honoured the lord of the gods and said, ’How fortunate that thou art flourishing after the destruction of that being of universal form, as also that of Vritra.  And how fortunate.  O Purandara, Nahusha hath been hurled from the throne of heaven.  How fortunate, O slayer of Vala, that I behold thee with all thy enemies killed.’

“Indra said, ’Hath thy journey hither been pleasant, O great saint, I am delighted to see thee.  Accept from me water for washing thy feet and face, as also the Arghya and the cow.’

“Salya continued, ’Indra, well-pleased, began to question that best of saints and greatest of Brahmanas when he was seated on a seat after receiving due honours, thus, O revered saint, O best of Brahmanas, I wish to have it recited by thee how Nahusha of vicious soul was hurled from heaven.’

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