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“Salya continued, ’Then Agni entered the waters including seas and tiny ponds, and came to that reservoir, where, O best of Bharata’s race, while searching the lotus flowers, he saw the king of the gods lying within the fibres of a lotus-stalk.  And soon coming back, he informed Vrihaspati how Indra had taken refuge in the fibres of a lotus-stalk, assuming a minute form.  Then Vrihaspati, accompanied by the gods, the saints and the Gandharvas, went and glorified the slayer of Vala by referring to his former deeds.  And he said, ’O Indra, the great Asura Namuchi was killed by thee; and those two Asuras also of terrible strength, viz., Samvara and Vala.  Wax strong, O performer of a hundred sacrifices, and slay all thy foes.  Rise, O Indra!  Behold, here are assembled the gods and the saints.  O Indra, O great lord, by slaying Asuras, thou hast delivered the worlds.  Having got the froth of waters, strengthened with Vishnu’s energy, thou formerly slew Vritra.  Thou art the refuge of all creatures and art adorable.  There is no being equal to thee.  All the creatures, O Indra, are supported by thee, Thou didst build the greatness of the gods.  Deliver all, together with the worlds by assuming thy strength, O great Indra.’  And thus glorified, Indra increased little by little; and having assumed his own form, he waxed strong and spoke to the preceptor Vrihaspati standing before.  And he said, ’What business of yours yet remaineth; the great Asuras, son of Twashtri, hath been killed; and Vritra also, whose form was exceedingly big and who destroyed the worlds.’

“Vrihaspati said, ’The human Nahusha, a king, having, obtained the throne of heaven by virtue of the power of the divine saints, is giving us exceeding trouble.’

“Indra said, ’How hath Nahusha obtained the throne of heaven, difficult to get?  What austerities did he practise?  How great is his power, O Vrihaspati!’

“Vrihaspati said, ’The gods having been frightened, wished for a king of heaven, for thou hadst given up the high dignity of heaven’s ruler.  Then the gods, the Pitris of the universe, the saints, and the principal Gandharvas, all met together, O Indra, and went to Nahusha and said, ’Be thou our king, and the defender of the Universe!’ To them said Nahusha, ’I am not able; fill me with your power and with the virtue of your austerities!’ So told, the deities strengthened him, O king of the gods!  And thereupon Nahusha became a person of terrible strength, and becoming thus the ruler of the three worlds, he hath put the great saints in harness, and the wretch is thus journeying from world to world.  Mayst thou never see Nahusha who is terrible.  He emitteth poison from his eyes, and absorbeth the energy of all.  All the gods are exceedingly frightened; they go about concealed and do not cast a glance at him!’

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