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eight hundred miles in length, and as many in breadth.  And upon it, O descendant of Bharata, were full-blown lotuses of heavenly appearance, of five colours, hummed round by bees, and counting by thousands.  And in the middle of that lake, there was a large and beautiful assemblage of lotuses having in its midst a large white lotus standing on a lofty stalk.  And penetrating into the lotus-stalk, along with Sachi, she saw Indra there who had entered into its fibres.  And seeing her lord lying there in a minute form, Sachi also assumed a minute form, so did the goddess of divination too.  And Indra’s queen began to glorify him by reciting his celebrated deeds of yore.  And thus glorified, the divine Purandara spoke to Sachi, ’For what purpose hast thou come?  How also have I been found out?’ Then the goddess spoke of the acts of Nahusha.  And she said, ’O performer of a hundred sacrifices, having obtained the sovereignty of the three worlds, powerful and haughty and of a vicious soul, he hath commanded me to visit him, and the cruel wretch hath even assigned me a definite time.  If thou wilt not protect me, O lord, he will bring me under his power.  For this reason, O Indra, have I come to thee in alarm.  O thou of powerful arms, slay the terrible Nahusha of vicious soul.  Discover thyself, O slayer of Daityas and Danavas.  O lord, assume thy own strength and rule the celestial kingdom.’”


“Salya said, ’Thus addressed by Sachi, the illustrious god said to her again, ’This is not the time for putting forth valour.  Nahusha is stronger than I am.  O beautiful lady, he hath been strengthened by the Rishis with the merits of offerings to the gods and the Pitris.  I shall have recourse to policy now.  Thou wilt have to carry it out, O goddess.  O lady, thou must do it secretly and must not disclose it to any person.  O lady of a beautiful waist, going to Nahusha in private, tell him, O lord of the Universe, thou must visit me mounted on a nice vehicle borne by Rishis.  In that case I shall be pleased and shall place myself at thy disposal.  This shouldst thou tell him.’  And thus addressed by the king of the gods, his lotus-eyed consort expressed her consent and went to Nahusha.  And Nahusha, having seen her, smilingly addressed her, saying, ’I welcome thee, O lady of lovely thighs.  What is thy pleasure, O thou of sweet smiles.  Accept me, O lady of propitious looks, who am devoted to thee.  What is thy will, O spirited dame.  I shall do thy wish, O lady of propitious looks and slender waist.  Nor needst thou be bashful, O thou of lovely hips.  Have trust in me.  In the name of truth I swear, O goddess, that I shall do thy bidding.’

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