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period, ye gods, ye must be patient, being vigilant at the same time.’  Having heard these words of Vishnu, words that were true, and pleasant like ambrosia to their ears, the gods, with their preceptor, and with the Rishis proceeded to that spot where Indra was uneasy with fear.  And there, O king, was performed a great horse-sacrifice, capable of removing the sin of Brahmanicide, for the purification of the high-minded and great Indra.  And the lord of the gods,—­O Yudhishthira, divided the sin of Brahmanicide among trees and rivers and mountains and the earth and women.  And having distributed it thus among those beings and parted with it, Indra was free from fever.  And rid of his sin, he came to himself.  And at that place, the slayer of the Asura Vala, quaked when he looked at Nahusha, before whom all animated beings felt cowed, and who was unapproachable by virtue of the boon the Rishis had granted to him.  And the divine husband of Sachi vanished from sight once again.  And invisible to all beings, he wandered biding his time.  And Indra having disappeared, Sachi fell into grief.  And exceedingly miserable, she bewailed, ’Alas!  O Indra, if ever I have made a gift, or made offering to the gods, or have propitiated my spiritual guides, if there is any truth in me, then I pray that my chastity may remain inviolate.  I bow myself to this goddess Night,—­holy, pure, running her course during this the northern journey of the sun,[1] let my desire be fulfilled.’  Saying this, she, in a purified condition of body and soul, worshipped the goddess Night.  And in the name of her chastity and truth she had recourse to divination.[2] And she asked, ’Show me the place where the king of the gods is.  Let truth be verified by truth.’  And it was thus that she addressed the goddess of Divination.’


“Salya said, ’Then the goddess of Divination stood near that chaste and beautiful lady.  And having beheld that goddess, youthful and lovely, standing before her, Indra’s queen, glad at heart, paid respects to them and said, ‘I desire to know who thou art, O thou of lovely face.’  And Divination said, ’I am Divination, O goddess, come near thee.  Since thou art truthful, therefore, O high-minded lady, do I appear in thy sight.  Since thou art devoted to thy lord, employed in controlling thyself, and engaged in the practice of religious rites, I shall show thee the god Indra, the slayer of Vritra.  Quickly come after me, so may good betide thee!  Thou shalt see that best of gods.’  Then Divination proceeded and the divine queen of Indra went after her.  And she crossed the heavenly groves, and many mountains; and then having crossed the Himavat mountains, she came to its northern side.  And having reached the sea, extending over many yojanas, she came upon a large island covered with various trees and plants.  And there she saw a beautiful lake, of heavenly appearance, covered with birds,

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