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“Salya continued, ’Vrihaspati having spoken so, the gods, delighted then said, ’Well hast thou said, O Brahmana.  This is for the good of all the gods.  It is no doubt so.  Only, let this goddess be propitiated.’  Then the assembled gods led by Agni, with a view to the welfare of all the worlds, spoke to Indra’s queen in a quiet way.  And the gods said, ’Thou art supporting the whole universe of things mobile and immobile.  Thou art chaste and true:  go thou to Nahusha.  That vicious being, lustful after thee, will shortly fall:  and Indra, O goddess, will get the sovereignty of the gods!’ Ascertaining this to be the result of that deliberation, Indra’s queen, for attaining her end, went bashfully to Nahusha of awful mien.  The vicious Nahusha also, rendered senseless by lust, saw how youthful and lovely she was, and became highly pleased.’


“Salya said, ’Now then Nahusha, the king of the gods, looked at her and said, ’O thou of sweet smiles, I am the Indra of all the three worlds.  O thou of beautiful thighs and fair complexion, accept me as thy lord!’ That chaste goddess, thus addressed by Nahusha, was terrified and quaked like a plantain-stalk at a breezy spot.  She bowed her head to Brahma, and joining her hands spoke to Nahusha, the king of the gods, of awful mien, said, ’O lord of the deities, I desire to obtain time.  It is not known what hath become of Indra, or where he is.  Having enquired into the truth regarding him, if, O lord, I obtain no news of him, then I shall visit thee; this tell I thee for truth.’  Thus addressed by Indra’s queen, Nahusha was pleased.  And Nahusha said, ’Let it be so, O lady of lovely hips, even as thou art telling me.  Thou wilt come, after having ascertained the news.  I hope thou wilt remember thy plighted truth.’  Dismissed by Nahusha, she of auspicious looks stepped out; and that famous lady went to the abode of Vrihaspati.  And, O best of kings, the gods with Agni at their head, when they heard her words, deliberated, intent upon what would promote the interests of Indra.  And they then joined the powerful Vishnu, the God of gods.  And skilled in making speeches, the uneasy gods spoke the following words to him, ’Indra, the lord of all the gods, hath been overpowered by the sin of Brahmanicide.  Thou, O lord of the gods, art the first-born, the ruler of the universe, and our refuge.  Thou hadst assumed the form of Vishnu for the protection of all beings.  When Vritra was killed through thy energy, Indra was overwhelmed by the sin of Brahmanicide.  O best of all the gods, prescribe the means of setting him free.’  Having heard these words of the gods, Vishnu said, ’Let Indra. offer sacrifice to me.  Even I shall purify the holder of the thunderbolt.  The chastiser of Paka, having performed the holy horse-sacrifice, will fearlessly regain his dignity as lord of the gods.  And the wicked-minded Nahusha will be led to destruction by his evil deeds.  For a certain

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