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And Viswavasu and Narada and bevies of celestial nymphs and bands of Gandharvas and the six seasons in living shapes, attended upon the king of the gods.  And fragrant breezes, refreshingly cool, blew round him.  And while that wretch was thus enjoying himself, on one occasion the goddess who was the favourite queen of Indra came in his sight.  And that vicious soul, having looked at her, said to the courtiers, ’Why doth not this goddess, the queen of Indra, attend upon me?  I am the monarch of the gods, and also the ruler of the worlds.  Let Sachi make haste and visit me at my house.’  Saddened at hearing this, the goddess said to Vrihaspati, ’Protect me, O Brahmana, from this Nahusha.  I come to you as my refuge.  You always say, O Brahmana, that I have got on my person all the auspicious marks, being the favourite of the divine king; that I am chaste, devoted to my lord, and destined never to become a widow.  All this about me you have said before.  Let your words be made true.  O possessor of great powers, O lord, you never spoke words that were vain.  Therefore, O best of Brahmanas, this that you have said ought to be true.’  Then Vrihaspati said to the queen of Indra who was beside herself through fear, ’What thou hast been told by me will come to be true, be sure, O goddess.  Thou shalt see Indra, the lord of the gods, who will soon come back here.  I tell thee truly, thou hast no fear from Nahusha; I shall soon unite thee with Indra.’  Now Nahusha came to hear that Indra’s queen had taken refuge with Vrihaspati, the son of Angiras.  And at this, the king became highly enraged.’


“Salya said, ’Seeing Nahusha enraged, the gods led by the saints spoke unto him, ’Who was now their king of awful mien?  O king of gods, quit thy wrath.  When thou art in wrath, O lord, the Universe, with its Asuras and Gandharvas, its Kinnaras, and great snakes, quaketh.  Quit this wrath, thou righteous being.  Persons like thee do not put themselves out.  That goddess is another person’s wife.  Be pacified, O lord of gods!  Turn back thy inclination from the sin of outraging another’s wife.  Thou art the king of gods, prosperity to thee!  Protect thy subjects in all righteousness?’ So addressed, he heeded not the saying rendered senseless by lust.  And the king spoke to the gods, in allusion to Indra, ’Ahalya of spotless fame, the wife of a saint, was outraged by Indra while her husband was alive.  Why did ye not prevent him?  Many were the deeds of inhumanity, of unrighteousness, of deceit, committed by Indra in former times.  Why did ye not prevent him?  Let the goddess do my pleasure; that would be her permanent good.  And so the same will ever more rebound to your safety, ye gods!’

“The gods said, ’We shall bring to thee the queen of Indra even as thou hast laid the command, ’O lord of heaven!  Quit this wrath, thou valiant soul!  Be pacified, O lord of gods!’

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