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And the slayer of Asuras, having killed his foe, considered his object gained.  Now when the lord of creatures, Twashtri, heard that his son had been slain by Indra, his eyes became red with ire, and he spoke the following words, ’Since Indra hath killed my son who had committed no offence at all, who was constantly engaged in the practice of austerities, who was merciful, possessed of self-control, and of subdued passions, therefore, for the destruction of Indra, I will create Vritra.  Let the worlds behold what power I possess, and how mighty is the practice of austerities!  Let that inhuman, wicked-minded lord of the gods also witness the same!’ And saying this, that enraged one, famous for his austerities, washed his mouth with water, made offerings on the fire, created the terrible Vritra, and spoke to him, saying, ’O destined slayer of Indra, grow in might even from the strength of my austere rites.’  And that Asura grew in might, towering towards the firmament, and resembling the son of fire.  And he asked, ‘Risen like the doomsday sun, what am I to do?’ ‘Kill Indra,’ was the reply.  And then he departed towards the celestial regions.  And next ensued a great fight between Vritra and Indra, both fired with wrath.  And there took place a terrible combat, O best of Kuru’s race.  And the heroic Vritra seized the celestial lord who had performed a hundred sacrifices.  And filled with wrath, he whirled Indra and threw him into his mouth.  And when Indra was swallowed up by Vritra, the terrified senior gods, possessed of great might, created Jrimbhika to kill Vritra.  And as Vritra yawned and his mouth opened the slayer of the Asura, Vala contracted the different parts of his body, and came out from within Vritra’s mouth.  And thenceforth the yawn attaches itself to the living breath of animated beings in three worlds.  And the gods rejoiced at the egress of Indra.  And once again commenced the terrible fight between Vritra and Indra, both full of ire.  And it was waged for a long while, O best of Bharata’s race.  And when Vritra, inspired with the mighty spirit of Twashtri and himself endowed with strength, got the upper hand in fight, Indra turned back And on his retreat, the gods became exceedingly distressed.  And all of them together with Indra were overpowered by the might of Twashtri.  And they all consulted with the saints, O descendant of Bharata.  And they deliberated as to what was proper to be done, and were overwhelmed with dread.  And seated on the top of the Mandara mountain, and bent on killing Vritra, they only bethought themselves of Vishnu, the indestructible one.’


“Indra said, This whole indestructible universe, O gods, hath been pervaded by Vritra.  There is nothing that can be equal to the task of opposing him.  I was capable of yore, but now I am incapable.  What good betide you, can I do?  I believe him to be unapproachable.  Powerful and magnanimous, possessing immeasurable strength in fight, he would be able to swallow up all the three worlds with the gods, the Asuras, and the men.  Therefore, hear ye dwellers of heaven, this is my resolution.  Proceeding to the abode of Vishnu, in company with that high-souled Being must we consult, and ascertain the means of slaying this ruthless wretch.’

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