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dread.  And forcibly struck by that thunderbolt, he was slain and fell down, as falls on the earth the loosened summit of a hill.  And beholding him slain by the thunderbolt, and lying down huge as a hill, the chief of the celestials found no peace, and felt as if scorched by the effulgent appearance of the dead; for though slain, he had a blazing and effulgent appearance and looked like one alive.  And, strange to say, though lifeless, his heads seemed to be alive as they were beheld lying low on the field.  And exceedingly afraid of that lustre, Indra remained plunged in thought.  And at that time, O great king, bearing an axe on his shoulder, a carpenter came to the forest and approached the spot where lay that being.  And Indra, the lord of Sachi, who was afraid, saw the carpenter come there by chance.  And the chastiser of Paka said unto him immediately, ‘Do this my behest.  Quickly cut off this one’s heads.’  The carpenter thereupon said, ’His shoulders are broad:  this axe will not be able to cut them off.  Nor shall I be able to do what is condemned by righteous persons.’  And Indra said, ’Do not fear, quickly do what I say.  At my command thy axe shall equal the thunderbolt.’  The carpenter said, ’Whom am I to take thee to be who hast done this frightful deed today?  This I wish to learn, tell me the exact truth.’  And Indra said, ’O carpenter, I am Indra, the chief of the gods.  Let this be known to thee.  Do thou act just as I have told thee.  Do not hesitate, O carpenter!  The carpenter said, ’O Indra, how is it that thou art not ashamed of this thy inhuman act?  How it is that thou hast no dread of the sin of slaying a Brahmana, after having slain this son of a saint?’ Indra said, ’I shall afterwards perform some religious ceremony of a rigorous kind to purify myself from this taint.  This was a powerful enemy of mine whom I have killed with my thunderbolt.  Even now I am uneasy, O carpenter; I, indeed, dread him even now.  Do thou quickly cut off his heads, I shall bestow my favour upon thee.  In sacrifices, men will give thee the head of the sacrificial beast as thy share.  This is the favour I confer on thee.  Do thou quickly perform what I desire.’

“Salya said, ’Hearing this, the carpenter, at the request of the great Indra, immediately severed the heads of the three-headed one with his axe.  And when the heads were cut off, out flew therefrom a number of birds, viz., partridges, quails and sparrows.  And from the mouth wherewith he used to recite the Vedas and to drink the Soma-juice, came out partridges in quick succession.  And, O king, O son of Pandu, from the mouth with which he used to look at the cardinal points as if absorbing them all, a number of quails came forth.  And from that mouth of the three-headed being which used to drink wine, out flew a number of sparrows and hawks.  And the heads having been cut off Indra was freed from his trepidation, and went to heaven, glad at heart.  And the carpenter also went back to his house. 

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