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Beholding that weapon thus investing Bhima all around, and seeing Drona’s son swelling with energy and might, the latter being then without an antagonist, and observing also that all the warriors of the Pandava army had laid down their weapons and that all the mighty car-warriors of that host headed by Yudhishthira had turned away their faces from the foe, those two heroes, viz., Arjuna and Vasudeva, both endued with great splendour, quickly alighting from their car, ran towards Bhima.  Those two mighty men, diving into that energy born of the might of Aswatthaman’s weapon, had resorted to the power of illusion.  The fire of that weapon consumed them not, in consequence of their having laid aside their weapons, as also in consequence of the force of the Varuna weapon, and owing also to the energy possessed by themselves.  Then Nara and Narayana, for the pacification of Narayana weapon, began forcibly to drag Bhima and all his weapons.  Thus dragged by them, Kunti’s son, that mighty car-warrior, began to roar aloud.  Thereupon, that terrible and invincible weapon of Drona’s son began to increase (in might and energy).  Then Vasudeva, addressing Bhima, said, ’How is it, O son of Pandu, that though forbidden by us, thou, O son of Kunti, dost not yet abstain from battle?  If the Kurus could now be vanquished in battle, then we, as also all these foremost of men, would certainly have continued to fight.  Behold, all the warriors of thy host have alighted from their cars.  For this reason, O son of Kunti, do thou also come down from thy car.’  Having said these words, Krishna brought Bhima down from his car.  The latter, with eyes red as blood in rage, was sighing like a snake.  When, however, he was dragged down from his car and made to lay aside his weapons, the Narayana weapon, that scorcher of foes, became pacified.’

“Sanjaya continued, ’When, by this means, the unbearable energy of that weapon became stilled, all the points of the compass, cardinal and subsidiary, became clear.  Sweet breezes began to blow and birds and animals all became quiet.  The steeds and elephants became cheerful, as also all the warriors, O ruler of men!  Indeed, when the terrible energy of that weapon, O Bharata, became stilled, Bhima. of great intelligence, shone resplendent like the morning sun.  The remnant of the Pandava host, beholding the pacification of the Narayana weapon, once more stood prepared on the field for compassing the destruction of thy sons.  When, after that weapon had been baffled, the Pandava host, stood arrayed, Duryodhana, O king, addressing Drona’s son, said, O Aswatthaman, once more use that weapon speedily since the Panchalas are once more arrayed, desirous of victory.’  Then addressed by thy son, O sire, Aswatthaman, sighing cheerlessly, replied unto the king in these words, ’That weapon, O king, cannot be brought back.  It cannot be used twice.  If brought back, it will without doubt, slay the person calling it back.  Vasudeva, hath, by what means thou hast seen, caused

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