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righteousness alone, O fool, one cannot vanquish his enemies.  Listen now to the unrighteous acts of the Kurus also.  Pandu’s son, Yudhishthira was some time back unrighteously deceived by them.  O Satyaki, Draupadi also was persecuted by them unrighteously.  The Pandavas, with Krishna in their company, were also exiled and they were robbed of their all, O fool, most unrighteously.  By an act of unrighteousness, again, has the ruler of the Madras been withdrawn from us by the enemy.  By an act of unrighteousness also was the son of Subhadra slain.  On this side, it was by an act of unrighteousness that Bhishma, the Kuru grandsire, was slain.  Bhurisravas, too, was, by an act of unrighteousness, slain by thee that art so acquainted with righteousness.  Even thus have the enemy, as also the Pandavas, acted in this battle.  Possessed of courage and acquainted with morality, all of them, O Satwata, have acted thus, for gaining victory.  High morality is difficult of ascertainment.  Similarly, immorality also can with difficulty be comprehended.  Fight now with the Kauravas, without returning to the home of thy fathers.’

“Sanjaya continued, ’Hearing these harsh and cruel words (from Dhrishtadyumna’s lips), the blessed Satyaki began to tremble from head to foot.  With rage his eyes assumed the hue of copper.  Keeping his bow then upon his car, he grasped his mace, sighing like a Snake.  Rushing, then, towards the prince of the Panchalas, he said unto him in great wrath, ’I will not speak harshly to thee, but I will slay thee, deserving as thou art of slaughter.’  Seeing the mighty Satyaki rushing, from wrath and desire of revenge, at the Panchala prince, like Yama against one like his own self, the mighty Bhima, urged by Vasudeva, quickly jumped down from his car and seized him with his arms.  Endued with great strength, Satyaki, who was rushing in great wrath, proceeded for a few steps, forcibly dragging after him the mighty son of Pandu who was endeavouring to hold him back.  Then Bhima firmly planting his feet stopped at the sixth step that foremost of strong men, viz., that bull of Sini’s race.  Then Sahadeva, O king, jumping down from his own car, addressed Satyaki, thus held fast by the strong arms of Bhima, in these words, ’O tiger among men, O thou of Madhu’s race, we have no friends dearer to us than the Andhakas, the Vrishnis and the Panchalas.  So also the Andhakas and the Vrishnis, particularly Krishna, cannot have any friends dearer than ourselves.  The Panchalas, also, O thou of Vrishni’s race, even if they search the whole world to the confines of the sea, have no friends dearer to them than the Pandavas and the Vrishnis.  Thou art even such a friend to this prince; and he also is a similar friend to thee.  Ye all are to us even as we are to you.  Acquainted as thou art with all duties, remembering now the duties thou owest to friends, restrain this wrath of thine, that has the prince of the Panchalas for its object.  Be calm, O foremost one of Sini’s race!  Forgive the son of Prishata, and let Prishata’s son also forgive thee.  Ourselves also will practise forgiveness.  What is there that is better than forgiveness?’

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