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“Arjuna said, ’He, relying upon whose energy the Kauravas, having addressed themselves to the accomplishment of fierce feats, are blowing their conchs and staying with patience, he about whom thou hast thy doubts.  O king, as to who he may be that is roaring so loud, having rallied the Dhartarashtras after the fall of the disarmed preceptor, he, who is endued with modesty, possessed of mighty arms, has the tread of an infuriated elephant, owns a face like that of a tiger, always achieves fierce feats, and dispels the fears of the Kurus, he upon whose birth Drona gave away a thousand kine unto Brahmanas of high worth, he O king, that is roaring so loud, is Aswatthaman.  As soon as he was born, that hero neighed like Indra’s steed and caused the three worlds to tremble at that sound.  Hearing that sound, an invisible being, O lord, (speaking audibly) bestowed upon him the name of Aswatthaman (the horse-voiced).  That hero, O son of Pandu, is roaring today.  Prishata’s son, by an exceedingly cruel act, assailed Drona and took his life as if the latter was without a preceptor.  Yonder stayeth the preceptor of that Drona.  Since of the prince of the Panchalas seized my preceptor by the hair, Aswatthaman, confident of his own prowess, will never forgive him.  Thou, O monarch, hath told thy preceptor a falsehood for the sake of kingdom!  Although thou art acquainted with the dictates of righteousness, thou hast yet perpetrated a very sinful act.  Thy ill fame, in consequence of the slaughter of Drona, will be eternal in the three worlds with their mobile and immobile creatures, like Rama’s in consequence of the slaughter of Bali![261] About thyself, Drona had thought, ’The son of Pandu is possessed of every virtue; he is, besides, my disciple.  He will never speak an untruth to me.’  Thinking so, he gave credence to what thou hadst said.  Although in speaking of Aswatthaman’s death thou hadst added the world elephant, yet thy answer to the preceptor was, after all, an untruth in the garb of truth.  Thus told by thee, the puissant Drona laid aside his weapons and, as thou sawest, became indifferent (to everything), exceedingly agitated, and almost deprived of his senses.  It was even a disciple who, abandoning all morality, thus slew his own preceptor, full of affection for his son, while, indeed, that preceptor was filled with grief and unwilling to fight.  Having caused him, who had laid his weapons to be unrighteously slain, protect the son of Prishata if thou canst, with all thy counsellors.  All of us, uniting together, shall not be able to protect Prishata’s son today, who will be assailed by the preceptor’s son in wrath and grief.  That superhuman being who is in that habit of displaying his friendship for all creatures, that hero, hearing of the seizure of his sire’s locks, will certainly consume us all in battle today.  Although I cried repeatedly at the top of my voice for saving the preceptor’s life, yet, disregarding my cries and abandoning mortality,

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