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“Sanjaya continued, ’Having behold before the Dhartarashtras fly away, Yudhishthira, seeing them once more prepared for furious battle, addressed Arjuna, saying, ’After the preceptor Drona had been slain in battle by Dhrishtadyumna, like the mighty Asura, Vritra, by the wielder of the thunderbolt, (the Kurus), O Dhananjaya, becoming cheerless, gave up all hopes of victory.  Desirous of saving themselves, all of them fled away from battle.  Some kings fled, riding on cars borne along irregular course without Parshni drivers, and divested of standards and banners and umbrellas, and with their Kuvaras and boxes broken, and all their equipments displaced.  Others, struck with panic and deprived of their senses, themselves striking the steeds of their cars with their feet, fled precipitately.  Others, riding on cars with broken yokes and wheels and Akshas, fled afflicted with fear.  Others on horseback were carried away, their bodies half displaced from their saddles.  Others, dislodged from their seats, and pinned by shafts to the necks of elephants, were quickly carried away by those animals.  Others wore trodden to death all around by elephants, afflicted and mangled with arrows.  Others, deprived of weapons and divested of armour, fell from their vehicles and animal down upon the earth.  Others were cut by car-wheels, or crushed by steeds and elephants.  Others loudly calling after their sires and sons, fled away in fear, without recognising one another, deprived of all energy by grief.  Some, placing their sons and sires and friends and brothers (on vehicles) and taking off their armour, were seen washing them with water.  After the slaughter of Drona, (the Kuru) army, fallen into such a plight, fled away precipitously.  By whom then hath it been rallied?  Tell me, if thou knowest.  The sound of neighing steeds and trumpeting elephants, mingled with the clatter of car-wheels, is heard loud.  These sounds, so fierce, occuring in the Kuru ocean, are repeatedly swelling up and causing my troops to tremble.  This terrific uproar, making the hair stand on end, that is now heard, would, it seems, swallow the three worlds with Indra at their head.  I think this terrible uproar is uttered by the wielder of the thunderbolt himself.  It is evident that upon the fall of Drona, Vasava himself is approaching (against us) for the sake of the Kauravas.  Our hairs have stood on their ends, our foremost of car-warriors are all afflicted with anxiety.  O Dhanaujaya, hearing this loud and terrible noise, I ask thee who is that mighty car-warrior, like the lord of the celestials himself, that rallying this terrible and swelling host, is causing it to return?’

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